Proper Ways to Live with Roommates in a Large City

Thursday, February 18, 2016

There are many people who complain against living with roommates. But while you move to a new city and feel alone, a friendly roommate can help you the best. If he/she is also new there, two of you can be at each other’s assistance to know the city well. Sometimes, a bond grows between two roomies of same condition may turn into a strong friendship. So, there are some ways to survive in a big city with an amiable roommate.

What to Do While Living with a Roommate
Moving to a big city is a very exciting. Exploring the significant spots, enjoying the pulse of the city, hanging out in restaurants- all can be a thrilling experience if you have a roommate with you for 1 bhk flat in Pune. Making friends with your colleagues or batch mates need some time when your roommate can easily be your friend as you spend much time with him/her. What to do to maintain that friendship?
  1. Search for a rental apartment first. While searching an apartment or condo, you must check out the location, price, terms of the lease agreement, pet policies (if any) and other amenities. If you want to have a roommate, talk to your landlord directly and ensure he grants your plan.

  1. Now, you start looking for a roommate. Have you met someone in your office or college who are in the same boat? Approach him/her to share apartment with you. The established relationship between you can be more beneficial for both than dealing with completely an unknown person.

  1. The next part is to decide your requirements. If you’re sharing the apartment with one, make sure it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Thus, you can avoid much stress that build up between roomies. If you are new to a city and don’t have car, take 2 bhk flats in Pune from where public transportation is easily available. Saving money will be simpler then.

  1. After selecting the dwelling place and deciding the facilities, this is time to move into your new rental place. Both of you have to buy certain things for your living. So, don’t drag several baggages that make the other uncomfortable. Take a suitcase and fill it with clothes, books, important documents, shoes, purse, etc. Don’t take those things, like medicines or any food items, which are available at any place.

  1. Now, comes the cleaning part. It is better not to expect a sparkling room to enter. You have to put enough effort to clean the rooms. So, fix a day at weekend, go to grocery shop with your roommate and buy cleaning products. From walls to bathroom- you must clean every corner of your house to make it livable. Share the parts you want to clean and get on work.

  1. Yes, it is a rental apartment. But, you definitely want to make it a real home for the time being. Again, you don’t want to waste money on heavy decoration. So, do little things to make your home look presentable. First, buy your personal furniture like beds or bedside tables. Now, concentrate on the common space. If you don’t want a couch, you can go for bean bags.
  2. Everyone eats according to their choice. So, buy your own foods from grocery stores. Also, to make the bond stronger, you can go for a lunch or dinner at weekends with your roommate. Thus, you can know the city together.

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