#OneDayIWill - #InternationalWomensDay

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

#‎OneDayIWill‬: On International Women’s Day, 11 Women of New York share their aspiration with the world. 

"It’s not always easy to put into words what you want to achieve. When we asked women and girls on the street to articulate their aspirations, they often had to pause and think about it for a few minutes. Whether their responses were detailed or broad strokes, concrete or abstract, funny or heartwarming, it was inspiring to see them take the time to dream." - Google 

One day we willl and we are getting one step closer to where we’re going....

T: @terpsihora IG:@terpsihora 
"One day I will be able to say "I made it possible for this artistic output to reach its key appreciators and build a greater synergy between the creator and the world." - Julia Semikina / Warp & Weft

T: @anna_ku212 IG: @i_am_not_natasha
"One day I will make tech a more inclusive field, inspire people to follow their dreams, and become a great leader. I will prove that women can have it all." - Anna Kucheryavaya / Isobar

T: @sillydrunkfish  IG: @sillydrunkfish
"One day I will see a world where animals are seen as individuals and animal cruelty has ended." 
- Jessica Sophia Wong / SDF - A Lifestlyle Element

T: @petladyworld  IG: @danakhumphrey
"One day I will live in another country during the winter!" - Dana Humphrey / Whitegate PR

IG: @juliaj_i_l
"One day I will go on a journey of self-discovery around the world, and then I will write a book that will motivate people to pursue greatness." - Julia Razina / FIT

T: @ThingsRaquel
"One day I will have created a business enterprise that changes many lives."
- Raquel Miller / Heartland

T: @ksenia_newton  IG: @kseniatn
"One day I would like to do something meaningful and become a role model for other foreign women trying to make it in the big city of New York." - Ksenia Newton / Informa

T: @mildredshao  IG: @favthingsnet
"One day I will have the flexibility in my successful career to take care of my family and travel while managing my own work schedule. Basically, Beyoncé." - Mildred Shao / Trusted Data Solutions

T: @thewrldwanderer IG: @theworldwanderer
"One day I will visit Antartica, finally making it to all seven continents."
- Erin Marie Musich / The World Wanderer

IG: @reetagyamlani / @relish_the_love
"One day I will help build a school for girls (after my mom)." 
- Reeta Gyamlani /  Farrago Design / Relish the Love

T: @worldtravelure  IG: @worldtravelure
"One day I will visit every country, reach the ends of the earth by visiting the North and South Poles, and raise awareness on the crucial need for wildlife conversation and habitat preservation."
- Meleena Bowers /  World Travelure

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