How To Compromise on Decor When you Move in With a Guy

Thursday, February 12, 2015

If moving in with a guy is a new experience to you, do not feel disturbed and prejudiced. Like all new and unknown things, it possesses an incomparable charm for both of you. Living with your partner is a serious step in the relationship that requires devotion and readiness to make compromises about a lot of issues. You may think that you are well acquainted with all the peculiarities of your boyfriend’s character, however, you will be surprised to see that things get little more complicated as soon as you move in.

Compromising on décor probably sounds easy and unimportant issue but I assure you that you may have a lot of disputes when you decide to make some renovations in your new home. It has been proven that men and women rarely share the same ideas when home décor is concerned and for that reason you may expect some misunderstandings with your guy when choosing the décor for the rooms. Thanks to this article you will be given valuable information how to make compromises and how to avoid fights when discussing this theme with your guy.

Offer Decision That is Acceptable for Both of You
You cannot expect to renovate all of the rooms according to your taste. For instance, if your dream is to decorate murals on the wall in your bedroom, do not insist on doing the same thing in the other rooms too. Take into account the preferences of your boyfriend and listen to his ideas – you will be surprised that guys can come with fresh and innovative ideas for the home décor, so leave him time and space to show to you his creative skills. The best decision is to choose the décor that will appeal to both of you.

Make a Preliminary Plan for the Renovations
Before starting with the compromises, you need to sit and to discuss all the ideas that you have for the renovations of your home. Make an exact plan for all the rooms and see whether your partner is keen on the ideas that you have offered. If he is reluctant to provide the renovations, I advise you not to start fights but to discuss again and again all the options that you have, until you two decide how to decorate your new home in an unique way.

Divide The Rooms that You Plan to Renovate
In case you fail to reach a consensus on this issue, a fair thing to do is to divide the rooms between each other and to choose the décor that you desire. It may sound weird, but when compromising is concerned, these things are more than acceptable. If your boyfriend wants to take up with the renovations in the living room and in the bathroom, I advise you to trust his creative skills and to concentrate all of your efforts on the décor of the other rooms. If bedroom and kitchen are the two sacred rooms for you, provide the decorations but do not forget to add some of the ideas, mentioned by your partner.

These are some of the tips that will help you to make the best decisions for the décor when you start living as a couple. Do not forget that you will also need to share the cleaning duties and to make a lot of compromises, whenever you or your guy leaves a mess, without providing the required cleaning. The best tactic is to avoid fights and to enjoy both the love and the responsibilities that you share when living together.

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