Resorts World Casino, Aqueduct Buffet Review - Queens NY

Thursday, February 02, 2012

2.5/5 Stars
I'm a foodie who loves to dig for delicious food in the city. One day after a strong recommendation from a friend of mine, I decided to try out the newly open casino buffet in town. I've been to Las Vegas for several times, I tried variety buffets from different hotel such as Golden Nugget (I liked the least), Wynn, Hilton, Planet Hollywood, MGM, Paris, Aria and Bellagio. I would say I like the buffet in Aria the most. So I came to Aqueduct Buffet at Resorts World with such a high expectation.

At first I stopped by around 8pm on Saturday night, the waiting list for the buffet was 2 hours, so I left. A few days later I and V ate here on a Wednesday night at $25 per person. It was early and it wasn't very busy.

Our first impression of the buffet was favorable but when we sat down to eat our first round and at one point V and I who were eating the same meat selection said, "this is cold" as well as other "hot" items such as chicken masala, sausage pepper and vegetables. Willing to give it another round we went to try new foods and notice the many items not available or at best a spoonful left.

How disappointing! The service was adequate, but the food overall was not very good. The prime rib was tough and very chewy. Some of the food was not labeled and a number of food items were left in place too long causing them to dry up. Examples included the Grilled Chicken, New York Sirloin Steak, Lamb Gyro and Steak Fajita.

Nothing there impressed me except the fried dumpling and fried chicken, which is sad! Certainly not worth the $59 plus tax for 2.

Overcooked mussels, vegetables and bad looking pizzas.

Tiny shrimp instead of large shrimp. The rice tastes like fried rice from where you get your lunch combo from Chinese take out.

Many of the selections were not kept at a proper temperature. The food was cold instead of hot. The peel and eat shrimp were small and there were none any kind of pasta, lagsana, stuffed mushroom, snow crab, oyster, clams, turkey and calamari on the menu. The Asian and Italian menu was less than okay.

Desserts were decent but I expected a really good buffet for the money we spent. I don't think I will be back again.

Overall I gave it 2.5/5 stars.
1 for the services
1 for the interior
. 5 for the food
Casino? I prefer Las Vegas better.

Aqueduct Buffet at Resorts World New York City
110-00 Rockaway Blvd.
Jamaica, NY (a fairly bad website that did not list prices and hours of operation )

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  1. A ripped off! Lacks of food selection!

  2. Wthe pictures might look good, but overall the taste of the food, not so good.......

  3. Very nice experience. Great food..Yummy!!! Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures of food.

  4. Was Adequate Buffet in the title just a typo?

  5. Thanks for posting this. I've been looking for reviews for the buffet, and couldn't find many. As you mentioned, it doesn't seem to worth the money. I'll probably won't go.

  6. Cold food I'll pass

  7. Ripped Off!! Totally waste of money

  8. You know this writer is a joke when they mention the size of a shrimp (or anything for that matter) at a buffet. If you can take all you want, why does the size of the individual shrimp matter? If that happened at a restaurant, I'd be pretty pissed off.

    This buffet is well worth the price considering there are expensive entrees at each station (roast duck, crab legs, spare ribs, steaks, fish, etc). If you want to feel like you've beaten the check at the end of the meal, don't fill up on bread and salad.

    The service has been slow at times, but when every seat is taken, and the wait to get in is an hour, I can wait the extra 5 minutes for a refill. It's a lot more relaxed here than cheaper buffets, where they stare at your plate and take it as soon as you look away.

    Of course the interior looks bad when you take a picture of a wall and another family eating (hope you had their permission to post that). The interior is nice, but the exterior is also a sight to see (the racetrack). If you want a quiet family dinner, you'll be glad to know that the buffet is far enough away from the live band that you can't hear them. Also, the bathrooms are clean. All automated, so you don't have to touch a thing!

    The elusive prices and hours of operation:

    If you can't afford the dinner prices, you can always show up before 4 and relax before digging into the fresh dinner menu items. You pay before you go in, so they can't add onto your bill.

    Love the summation, 'Las Vegas better than Resorts World'. Comparing an entire city to one building in Queens, brilliant!

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