Minado Japanese Buffet - Carle Place NY

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

4.5/5 Stars
I love Japanese food, especially the buffet. A decent Japanese buffet I recommend is Minado Buffet in Carle Place, Long Island NYC

The beautiful atmosphere, huge selection of wonderful fresh food made this my new favorite restaurant! Everything was fresh and no smelly salmon around the counter.

Minado offer typical things like teriyaki chicken but the quality is far better than any other buffet and aside from typical offerings, they offer much, much more! They have Udon and other noodle soups made to your liking, miso, SASHIMI, mango salad, dungeons and snow crab, shrimp salad, seaweed salad, raw oysters on the half shell, clams, mussel, calamari, roast beef, a colossal sushi variety all so beautiful and fresh...just to name the few things I can think of off the top of my head.

Overall I give it 4.5/5. There's room for improvement in the warm food selection. Customer service was good!, no moody waitress.

219 Glen Cove Rd. (Bet. Old Country Rd. & Westbury Ave.)
Carle Place, NY 11514

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  1. There's another decent Japanese buffet near Herald Square 34th st.

  2. Sometimes buffets really lack quality food, this one doesn't. Absolutely delicious.

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