10 Handmade Valentines Gifts

Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine's Day is around the corner and we all know that Valentine's Day is a manufactured holiday designed to sell insipid greeting cards and corn-syrup-sweetened confections that can't find their way to the trash can fast enough. However, there's a certain prisoner's-dilemma aspect that forces you to buy in: If your significant other's friends receive "I love you's" of various forms, and you don't also have one to give, there can be trouble.

Here is a list of handmade Valentine's gifts available from Etsy. Let's take a look, shall we?

This Smart Versatile leather pouch/wallet can hang on your neck, tie to your bag or be stuffed into a back pocket. It fits the essential: Cards, IPhone, Cash and Passport! Ready, Set, GO!

Lovely handmade earrings are inspired by a beauty of blooming poppy flowers field.

This little guy features a windmill and the phrase "home is where the heart is" on the cover and a leather wrap around strap to keep the book closed. Sketchbook inside can easily be replaced! The perfect gift for you or someone you love, and amazing little traveling companion! 

The Art of the Manly Shave is an important skill all men should have. Our kit includes a modern wooden soap dish, handmade beer soap, brush, and shave card with instructions on how to have a classic shave.

This cute and trendy cabled Camo cup cozy will keep your drink hot, and your hands cool. It is knitted using eco friendly yarn and fastens with a stylish button.

Hand Embroidered "You And; Me" clutch on grey wool fabric with Hand Painted 2 Love Birds on Yellow Cotton Linen Fabric.

Lovely vintage style pocket watch in black (gunmetal) color with charming floral design on the face. You can wear it in your pocket or as a necklace on long chain.

Gentlemen’s seamless wool skinny tie. Finely knitted and hand felted in 100% lambswool

One hand cut, upcycled leather bracelet.

♥ 20% of the sale price of this item will be donated to the homeless and abandoned pets of the Riverside City Animal Shelter. "Live.. Love.. Adopt." ♥ Diesel is sporting our new Pretty Bow in Mustard Yellow (against his will, because he's a boy dog and he thinks bows are a girl thing- which totally isn't true!) Your poochy will be the talk of the town in this cute bow, hand crocheted in easy to clean, high quality acrylic yarn.

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  1. Thanks so much for including us in these awesome finds. LOVE that clutch!

  2. DirtyDeedsSoaps - Just checked out your website, I love your products really much!

    You don't have to thank me, I was just sharing my love with my readers. How did you found me anyway?

    Feel free to email me if you need anything.


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