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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Meeting new people from around the world is just one of the many advantages of studying in upstate New York. I’ve been leaving Cobleskill for over few years, and now I miss Coby a lot, here's the few things I miss about it.

1. Winter

I know what you’re thinking: how can anyone love a season where temperatures can dip below 10F, snow is almost a meter thick? That’s precisely why I love winter in upstate: it’s so different than what I had been previously used to. In NYC, winter is less remarkable than everywhere else.

2. The people

This one comes as a no-brainer. Life isn’t just about what you do: it’s about who you meet. And in Coby, I’ve met some amazing people such as my host family and close friends to fellow Japanese exchange students who’ve helped me broaden my horizons and taught me a lot about myself, too. If it wasn’t for this motley cast of characters, there’s no way my time abroad would have been as magical as it was.

3. Pajama in class

You can't beat this. Wearing pajama in class in NYC are not acceptable and people would think you're crazy.

4. My host family

Host families are a fantastic way to live a country life, and I had a great time with mine. From going to Six Flags, to barbecues, to fishing, I will miss them greatly.

5. The summer

If Coby winter is spectacular, then the summer is even more so. Temperatures around 75F, clear skies, large moon, meteor shower, shooting star, summer romance, midsummer… what could be better?

6. Nature

Cobleskill have a special connection to nature, and it’s easy to see why. Never in my life have I seen a country as green as Cobleskill is. From the forests to the meadows to the numbers of lakes, it’s hard to imagine more beautiful scenery anywhere else on earth.

7. Party

Sure I miss the parties. We called it thirsty Thursday, Friday laid day and hangover Sunday. I had lots of fun. Partying in upstate are mostly house party, which mean you'll see a girl stripping on the dining table and guys would played beer pong, in the city, mostly bar or club with restriction.

Here's some pictures I'll share with you from my last semester in Cobleskill, NY
So, what do you miss about yours?

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