What is Relationship?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've been thinking lately, down to the earth, what is the definition for a relationship? or even dating? Some random thoughts just stuck in my mind and make me doubt that there isn't real commitment exist. I ran into different situation that made me thought that I might get a chance, maybe there's something inside, but turns out is wasn't. For girls, have you been dreaming if one day there is a shinny knight or whatever prince come to you and kiss your forehead and say good night? For guys, have you been dreaming when you walk to the street one day, there's a charming lady smile at you and say "hi stranger"? I mean. We all have dream, we had dream of fantasy. But is that gonna come true? The right one for you? I don't know. I just been thinking a lot lately ... ... random thoughts ...

Everybody knows that making a relationship work is more than just going out on a few dates together. You have to have a balance of respect, trust, and honesty.

The decisions you make about your relationships matter a lot - both in the short-term and in the long-term. Don't forget to add your feedback - I want to know what your relationship reality is!

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  1. to maintain a relationship...
    both parties need to have strong commitment and sacrifice for each other...
    dates and sweet talk are not enough...it's true..
    i am committed to build a long lasting relationship..

  2. What do I think eh? You already pretty much know my stand on this. Yes, I do believe a relationship relies on trust, honesty, and commitment.. However, I'm not so sure about sacrificing a lot. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to really 'sacrifice' something dear to me for my partner/boyfriend.

  3. Yeah, relationships really need a lot of work. Like, when you think everything was going real great, something comes up and suddenly, the guy's not that into you anymore. You have to keep each other in love, everyday, throughout the year - that's what having a relationship is all about.

  4. well well well, I guess you have the answer now


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