The Day I met Mr. Polar Bear - Bronx Zoo

Friday, September 07, 2007

On Wednesday 5st, I went to Bronx Zoo with my friend,
Elena (The blogger Lena's Rant).

We took a bus up there, the Q44, all the way to the zoo from Flushing main street. It was a sunny day tho, nice and warm. What a great day to see Mr. Polar Bear. It was donation day on Wednesday, so we got in free. Well, unless you gonna make a donation, it might cost you few bucks. :P We bought the zoo pass and ride on monorail, skyline, shuttle and all those things for free. How wonderful is it. So we entered the zoo and went through the exhibits. The Butterfly House was fun, especially for me since my blog is butterfly theme. Butterfly House, though, the butterflies are used to people gawking at them. So they didn’t mind me getting up close to take their photos. Two even took a break from flying on me! It’s hard to take a closeup shot of a butterfly on your upper arm, though.

We also saw the gorillas. I think this might have been mine rite part. I love. This one gorilla approached the glass dividing the gorilla habitat from the human section. She laid down and rested a foot and arm on the glass. One of the other zoo visitors touched the glass and the gorilla moved her hand over to cover the woman’s hand. The woman tapped the glass and the gorilla tapped back. It was quite interesting. (I joked that the gorilla must be thinking “Boy, what a great human exhibit we have here.”)
We also went on the Wild Asian Safari monorail, walked through the bears exhibit, saw the giraffes and even walked through the Children’s Zoo. As we were nearing the end of the Children’s Zoo, Still it stayed nice long enough for us to have a very nice visit. I’d recommend visiting the Bronx Zoo to anyone, but especially if you have little kids. It’s one thing to see all of the animals. It’s quite another to have a toddler next to you in sheer awe over the fact that a gorilla is right in front of him. As for photos, I was able to take quite a few photos. But that’s mainly because the monorail didn’t really stop moving long enough for my camera to take decent photographs. Well, we went on and see Mr. Polar Bear and Mr. Goat. They are so adorable. Oh God, I must come over again the winter time. I'm gonna miss my Mr. Polar Bear.

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