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Friday, August 03, 2007

I had heard so much about Grey's Anatomy prior to checking out the seasons on Thursday. Not having seen an episode, I still had a specific vision of what the show would be. Most of the personal, first-hand reviews I'd been privy to have been favorable. However, most of these reviews have been from girls. And you should never trust girls when a romantic comedy is in question. Still, some guys(My friend Lem as example) have also given Grey's Anatomy the thumbs up, so I decided to jump in the seasons to see what the big deal was. And, mostly, it was what I expected. A medical chick flick, but a damn good one. The cast is big and attractive and the dialogue is pretty damn smart. OH Gosh, I love it.

I always tend to find super emotional scenes to be off-putting. Usually they're not very believable; in real life, people tend emote in a more subtle manner than displayed on television. Saying that, emotions ran high in the premiere episode and there was much crying, but I still I believed it all, though I don't know the characters at all. From what I'd gathered previous to watching, I was worried that the dialogue would strike me as too cutesy, but, strangely, I wasn't bothered by it. As I said, Grey's Anatomy is smartly written.
It's weird to kind of enjoy a show that I should, by all accounts, actively despise. I don't like chick flicks. I'm sick of dramas. But yet, Grey's is another type of medical drama, it's real and emotion. You really could feel the way as the characters feel in the shows, it entertained me. I'm giving Grey's the entire 3 seasons to completely hook me, but it's probably a foregone conclusion that I'll be watching the show for good. Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl certainly warrant attention, regardless of Grey's content.
4 1/2 Stars
Currently I'm waiting for Grey's Anatomy Season 4
By the way, little news to be announce. I will be departure from KLIA Kuala Lumpur back to JFK New York on 12 August. Goodbye Malaysia.

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  1. I also want to watch Grey's Anatomy but now I'm hanged on watching HOUSE M.D.. I think it is also a medical drama but sometimes its comedy.. Just sharing..

  2. yay another Grey's fan. hehehe. I just can't wait the season 4.

  3. hi jess! i love grey's anatomy. chick flick with an edge :)

  4. Grey's Anatomy is definitely a good catch. Worth the wait though. I'm could go all ga-ga over GA. Fly safely and good luck in everything you do.


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