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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Got a quite long but not very long tag from Andy coz I tagged him last time. Hahaha. Here it is, my tag:

1. Do you ever lie about your age?
Only sometimes when I feel like playing around.

2. Do you prefer “sensitive boys”or “tough guys”?
Hmn... I say in between both

3. Do you prefer blonde or dark haired guys/girls?
Doesn’t matter, just as long as it suits or looks

4. Are you currently single?
Oh yeah, single and enjoying it

5. How many things in your past do you regret?
At least few, that's why I always say "Never do something that will make you regret one day"

6. Do you have a best friend?
Yes. I have, and I lost one few months ago

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I guess always the same thing as I used to say. I want to be successful.

8. Who was the last person you hugged?
Hmn.. Quite a lot, hugged= greetings

9. Have you ever had your heart broken?
Yes. But I learned from the past, it makes me grow stronger.

10. Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery?
Hmn.. No answer..

11. Do you like your life?
There are times you like them and there are times you don’t. It is only HUMAN to be that way. But I apprecieted my life so far, and like it the way it is, of course, it could be better.

12. Do you shop at Macy's?
Oh yeah

13. Has one of your friends ever stolen a boyfriend from you?
Yes.. During high school year...

14. Has one of your friends ever stabbed you in the back?

15. Do you have more friends that are girls or boys?
50/50 I guess

16. How long have you had friendster?
Few years

17. Have you ever cheated on someone?
Have you not

18. Has anyone ever cheated on you?

19. Have you ever slapped a boy in the face?
I had. but it was a stupid fight during my pri
mary school year.. Poor kid

20. What is one of your biggest fears?
Losing myself, became a failure, life without motivation.

21. Have you ever skipped a class?
What do you think?

22. Has anyone close to you ever passed away?
Yes. He died when he was 18, and I was 17. Tragedy

23. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
Who never?

24. Have you ever been able to get someone out of your head?

Oh yeah

25. Do you believe in the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater”?
I dont know

26. Have you ever had a good feeling about something and it turned out that you were right?
Oh yeah, few times

27. Do you ever wish you were famous?
Frankly, yes

28. Do u ever wish u were a man?
I acted like a man sometimes, but no.

29. Do you think men smell nice in cologne?

30.The moment of terror! I tag Broken, Jimmy, Mayee, Jacky, Kimiko, Poonky, IdeaPinkRose, Gary, AdventChildren

Another terror tag by

1. What was the last thing you did that you pleased your parents?
2. Do you keep long nails?
Oh yeah, my nails is freaking long ~
3. What makes you start blogging?
Simply because I have too much to spend last semester...
4. Blog hopping is good or bad?
Is good. Another way to increase people skills
5. How long you take to bath?
15 - 20 minutes
6. Whose blog you viewed before doing this tag?

7. What motivates you to go out for the outdoors the most?
Mostly go out in the night. During day time, except autumn or winter season, otherwise, I hate the summer sun~ Hmn .. hanging out with friends
8. How long is your average SMS length?
I have no idea. I prefer call and talk better than sms.
9. What you use your email for?
Receiving mails..
10. What is your favourite snack?
11. What movie that you think that is worth for your money this year?
Transformers, Die Hard 4.0
12. What would you look for when you wake up early in the morning?
My cellphone
I tag --> Hiew, Yuan, Jacky

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