Nicholas (Prince) - Chang Dong Liang

Friday, August 03, 2007

The Prince, Nicholas Chang Dong Liang came to Ipoh Parade for a signature function. Approximately 2,000 fans were there to support, as well as lots of uniforms school kid also there! The new album after a year and half has finally release.

Nicholas Chang show up in Ipoh Parade with a casual look. When he sing the new song "Prince", the singer fan falls into immediately the frantic condition, lifts the digital camera to strike with force in abundance to a pillar of the state.
3 lucky fellows also receive invite to come on stage sing the song "Prince" in the center to rap the song. (Lucky guys).

The DJ and Nicholas

The 3 lucky fellows

lol, he's looking at me ~

Even though I'm not a big fans of celebrities, but I do enjoy taking pictures of them.

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