Before the summer break

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I am so tired and stress out lately, within a week, I'm having 3 finals and 4 research papers due at the same day. Summer is here but I don't feel the happiness at all, I need to pack all my stuff before 20th and go back to the city at 21th. Less than a month, I will be taking a flight go to Malaysia for travel purpose and visiting. How does it feel about going to Ipoh? 学海学记, I miss you guys so much.. I love Xue Hai ~~ 学海万岁 ~~~ 19th Perak Xue Ji, 佩莹 Looking at the pictures of my friends, I realize that I miss them so much. Down to the earth, what else is more important than I have a group of good friends that still keep in touch even tough we are far away from each other?Yesterday was the last meeting of Student Government Association. The final budget for 2007-2008 is finally done. There was few changes according to the line name and small club's budget, otherwise, everything was fine. I thought the meeting is going ot take forever, but wow, it was less than 2 hours. I think I did a good job. At least I finalize my budget better than last year treasurer, John Hudson. I have been the Treasurer of Student Governement for a year. I remember the day for the election, I was running again Hudson for the position, but at the end, I won. Yes, I won. And I have my own office plus I make friends with everyone in Student Life Center, I had a good time. I just.. I can't believe that the time running fast, and now, I no longer the SGA officer, Billy Donata is taking my position. I certainly hope he can do a good job. I have a list of stuff that I couldn't get it done while I was on the chair, and I wish he could finish my list. I love SGA, I learned a lot over the past year.. Thanks Susan, and thanks everyone for being helpful. I miss my friend in Queens, I wish I could see her again before I left for the summer break.

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  1. Hey, that 3 girls photos
    the one on da left, is she from kuching? looks really similar to one of my fren in kuching.



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