Boston Trip = Harvard U + M.I.T

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Taking a break from studies, an excuse to blog. [Chapter 1]

1st.stop - Harvard University

Cambridge is a nice little study town, nothing much to see other then its famous college, but just nice to relax since the city is so slowpaced. Can you imagine the number of tourist there? Ah well the bane of travelling near by the Easter. Enough bitching, better take more pictures before my camera battery ran off.

Harvard's library, without Harvard student ID, I can't walk in.

Harvard Library

Harvard University

The World 1st Computer in Harvard University

The coolest thing ever - I sat in a classroom and listened to the lecture, the professor don't even noticed that. :P

The University Museum

It's crystal

Harvard Law School
Boston Part II

Boston is a very artsy city. What can you expect? The Harbor is there. The city are nice, course most are classical Old England or Renaissance, and not abstract or modern art. Thank goodness. Being there on the Saturday morning, we caught their morning breakfast ;)

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