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Friday, May 11, 2007

When I'm still waiting for the acceptence letters from CUNY Baruch and Temple University, today I received a letter from St John's University.

Dear Ms. XXX (call me Fish)
Welcome to St. John's University!

A leading Catholic university, St. John's offers world-class academics, high-tech facilities and friendly, residential campuses in dynamic New York City.
Since 1870, St. John's has prepared students for personal and professional success. Choose from bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs in our five colleges and School of Law ......
So, I've been thinking and finally I picked up my cell and make a call to the Admission..
And I think I got accepted as a transfer student but under the condition that I have to major in B.A or Professional Studies. So, is this consider as a good news? O.o"

But anyway, Queens is not very far away from my house, maybe I should consider it.

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  1. ST'JOHN'S is a very good school~

  2. Whoot! You really did get it to work! :P Congrats! lol


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