Editor's Note - A Trick To Start The Week Better

Monday, April 21, 2008

Is another day, another working day, another school day.... For God sake, how can I get a "me" day in such a routine life? Being a human is hard enough, especially being a woman that live in a 21st century. What should I called it? Ah, the modern girl. A modern girl needs Glamour that she could live on everyday from now and then. Woopi Doobi! Way to start a week. Never is too late. Here is a little list that I created for you guys.. Girls, Guys, take a look! And rock your week!

  • Monday - Tired of being the family/friend's driver? Call your buddy give you a ride to wherever you want to go. A good friend will never say no to your "once in a while" laziness.

  • Tuesday - Don't spend the night cooking or having instant noodles in the house. Order in a fancy dessert (ice-cream sounds good) instead of dinner.

  • Wednesday - Toast yourself with some champagne/cocktails at lunch. Late afternoon high tea good to go with couple of friends.

  • Thursday - Love is in the air. Single? Did you meet someone who can rocks your soul? An admirer wants to spoil you. Get couple friends get down to the bar/club to rock in ladies night. Attached? Spend a romantic evening with your partner.

  • Friday - Love, sex, cocktails, parties and travel go together like chocolate and well.. anything.
Have your own plans? Write it down. Share with us!

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