10 Things In Life Never To Take For Granted

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Life could be easier and happier if you doesn't take things for granted in your life.

  • Any random morning you wake up happy and actually rested
  • Love, even if it's coming from your parents and friends
  • Your digital photos! Save them all!
  • The great guy/gal who never takes you for granted! (This is true)
  • A roommate that will not walk in your door without knocking (personal experience)
  • Your right to vote!
  • Every day you don't need to call tech support 10 times zones away
  • Your body right now (whatever it weighs)
  • The bliss of vacation sex. Never get out early on a hotel bed until you have a breakfast in bed
  • "I love you!" The "L" bomb pops up from him/her

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  1. boo boo boo!!

    agree with the don't walk i on others copulating... hahahah

    and i'm bloody scared of the L word.. i dunno? can't take commitments?

    hahah signing off,


  2. 11th thing you should never take for granted:

    A smart and kind landlord who's willing to kick the fuck out of your fucking roommate who COPYs your style, forces you to take her to parties, dirty, ugly, can't speak proper english, enters your room while you're having SEX, ETC, a person you despise and hate with passion after she took all your NICE favors for granted......<3

  3. never take food for granted! savour them~

  4. totally agreeeeee....


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