Six Ways To Add More Lighting To Your Home

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Whether you are looking to renovate your home in the winter or in the summer, getting in more light is the goal. You want the sunshine flooding in during the summer, and in the winter it’s especially important to have the light outside bathe your home. You need to avoid seasonal affective disorder as much as possible, as it can make you feel down in the dumps and depressed. 

If you have looked around your home and decided that light is what your home needs the most, you should have a look at making your home as open as you can. There are so many options for bringing more light into the home, but first and foremost, you must consider what your budget is. Do you know how much you have to spend on a renovation, or can your budget only stretch as far as new light bulbs? This is going to dictate exactly how much you can do with your home to have more light flood through. Let’s talk through six ways you can add more light into your home.
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  • Remove Your Net Curtains
Some people love to have netting hanging over their windows to obscure the view. The problem is that these nets are also obscuring the light that is supposed to be flooding through the space. You can swap them for valance or other window treatments that will keep the light coming through, without the risk of nets that will get dirty pretty quickly. No one wants to be overlooked in their home, so you could also try slightly frosting the windows so that the light easily comes in without the nets in the way.
  • Create An Open Plan Space
Knocking through a wall or two may sound like a huge job but think about it! Open-plan living is such a huge deal today, and it’s why most modern houses are created like that now. You can have a joint kitchen, dining room and lounge space in one room and the light from all three spaces will meet in the middle. It’s an excellent way to add in more light.
  • Enlarge The Windows
You can look here for the best company to install new windows, but have you considered that you could expand the windows that you currently have? Having larger windows is going to allow much more light to flood through the rooms, and you can enjoy the fact that you will have natural light accentuating the space.
  • Install Skylights
If you live in a home with all the rooms on one level, you can add skylights to most of the rooms in the home. For those who have more than one level, you can add skylights to the hallways and bedrooms on the top floor to encourage more light through the house. Skylights in kitchens are not usually heard of, but if your kitchen is on the same level as every other room, then you can really enjoy extra light throughout the house!
  • Go White
As much as you can, decorate in neutrally light colors and paint the walls white. You can easily brighten up the rooms of the home when you use a plain white on them to refresh the space. White is a blinding color in the right light, and you can accent with deeper shades. The lighter the room in terms of colors, the brighter the room will be when you let the natural light flood in. You can apply the same color scheme throughout the house, making it so that your house is one that is as light on the inside as it is on the outside. If you have the right lightbulbs - LED where possible - through the house, too, you’re going to make the smallest of rooms beautifully bright.
  • Mirror, Mirror
Mirrors that are well-placed are really going to help you to brighten up the place. The natural light and the light from your bulbs is going to bounce off the mirrors and reflect throughout the whole house. You won’t regret using mirrors to make the house look lighter, especially as mirrors are going to give you an illusion of space.

Adding lighting with lamps, strip lights, new bulbs, windows, open spaces and even color can help your home to feel brighter. When your home is bright, you feel bright on the inside and help to stave off SAD in all its depressing glory. Add splashes of bright colors with the white and neutrals, and you’re going to have a beautifully bright home!

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