How To Eat More Consciously For Your Body

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Eating more consciously is important for your body and mind because food can definitely impact both. You want to have a good relationship with food so that you aren’t causing yourself unhappiness by overeating or having a diet that you don’t enjoy. Here are some tips for eating more consciously for your body.

Think About Portion Sizes
Portion sizes aren’t something that are thought about a lot of the time, but they do matter when it comes to your food intake. Eating too much can allow your body to gain weight, and not eating enough can lose weight at an unhealthy rate that might also mess with your emotions. Eating in moderation and choosing foods you enjoy is important, like pretzels from Eastern Standard Provisions. Portion control is the way to make sure you’re not eating too much or too little. Think about what’s going onto the plate and the types of food that you’re eating. Don’t load up the plate too much and try to eat off smaller plates to help see your food portion sizes differently.

Try To Avoid Fad Diets
Fad diets are those that promise the world, but it means you have to eat drastically in order to get the results you want. And the main issue with these diets is that they’re not something you can keep up with for very long. Avoid diets at all costs, no matter how desperate you feel to make a change to your body or the way you eat. It’s all about eating foods you enjoy and making sure it’s meals that are sustainable for your body’s needs. 

Eat Slowly
Chewing your food slowly can help you to enjoy your food more. Not only that, but when you’re eating slowly, your body is then able to process and digest that food a lot quicker than normal. For your metabolism, that’s a great thing because it stops it from sitting around in the stomach for too long. Chew your food, and be conscious of how you’re chewing. Practice doing this and making sure that your food is really mashed down before swallowing it. It will also help you from getting indigestion or heartburn, and that’s two things that can be painful to endure. Time yourself at home to see how quickly you’re eating each mouthful and aim to slow yourself down over time.

Stop Eating When You’re Full
Eating until we’re full is the right attitude to have when it comes to food, even if it means leaving food on your plate. There’s no need to feel like you have to eat everything, particularly when it’s made by someone else. Eating past that feeling of fullness is not healthy, and it doesn’t feel good either. So know when you need to stop and don’t feel bad about it!

Eating more consciously for your body is important, and the sooner you do that, the better you’ll feel.

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