How To Improve The Feel of Your Home

Friday, November 01, 2019

When it comes to our homes, we spend much time focusing on the general aesthetics of the place, as well as how functional and practical it is. And these, of course, are important aspects -- but they’re not the only things that are worthy of your attention. You should also be looking at the general feel of your property. If you get it right, you’ll have a home that’s inviting, comfortable, and all-around there to help you live your best life. Get it wrong, and, well, you’ll be unnecessarily making your life more difficult.

Below, we take a look at a few tried and tested tips to make your living space better for everyone in your family.

Feed the Senses

Have you ever walked into someone’s home or a hotel and just felt that everything was as it should be? In some spaces, we just feel calm and relaxed from the first second that we arrive. While we can usually point to the decor, there always seems to be something else going on beneath the surface that’s making it so enjoyable. What’s happening, most likely, is that your senses are being fed. The lighting will be just right, and you’ll feel that there’ll most likely be a scent diffuser working its magic, too. This last one is especially underrated. There are plenty of scents that can make your space feel extra inviting

Upgrade Textiles

There are some things that you should always spend a little extra money on. There’s a big difference between medium level and high-level salsa, for example -- you might pay 15% more, but it’ll be worth it. In your home, we can say the same about your fabrics. Your home will be much more relaxing and comfortable if you have extra soft linens on your bed, throws for your couch, and towels for the bathroom. You’ll feel especially grateful for the upgrade once winter has rolled around, and you’re able to tuck yourself up inside your toasty home. 

Bring the Warmth

And talking about winter and toasty homes: is your property able to handle the chill? We can get more or less everything else right, but if you’re always slightly cold, then there’s no getting around it: you won’t be as comfortable as you’d like to be. Some homes are harder to warm up than others, it’s true, but there are always things you can do to make them warmer. For example, you can do a check to see if there are any gaps where that biting cold air might pass into your home. You can also upgrade your boiler (or just have it serviced), and also install some new insulation, too. It does take a little bit of work in order to get your home to the right temperature, but it’s definitely worth making an effort, especially if you live in an area where it can get pretty chilly during the fall and winter. 

Let there be Light

Of all the qualities that a home that can have, none are as underrated as it having plenty of light. There is such a big difference between a home that receives plenty of natural light, and one that seems to be forever shrouded in darkness. Even if you’re not one of those people that is naturally drawn to the light, it’s probably still having an effect on you under the surface, especially in winter. During the cooler months, it’s extra important to get a little sunlight into your life -- and that’s much easier when it’s pouring through your windows. You can add more light to your home by making the windows bigger, and adding mirrors (they’ll reflect the light that comes into the home).

External Problems

Your home might be so well-designed and decorated that it should make it an enjoyable place to be, and you could still have a problem. If there are too much sound and light pollution coming from the streets, then you’ll find it hard to relax, and perhaps even sleep. It’s fine to have sunshine in your house; another matter entirely if it’s the nighttime glow of street lamps that are causing the problems. And there’s really nothing worse than trying to watch a movie as a family, only to have the noise of the outside making it difficult to watch. There are solutions to both these problems. You can invest in blackout curtains for the light issues, and also soundproof your property -- it’ll keep the external noise at bay.

Unwelcome Guests

It’s impossible to relax when you know that there are creatures living at your property that shouldn’t be there. You want to know that every living creature that calls your place home is invited to do so! But this isn’t always the case. Pests can find their way into our homes in any number of ways, and when they’re there, they can really compromise our enjoyment. If you spot any signs that you have such an issue, call a pest control company straight away. You won’t be able to fully relax in your house until they’ve been taken care of.

Add Natural Touches

So yes, you don’t want the “camping experience” of having bugs around you, but do consider adding some more agreeable natural touches to your home. For as long as we can remember, humans have been trying to distance themselves from nature, but in recent years we’ve come to realize that we need it in our lives. Take a look at adding some plants, natural decorations, and artwork that depict nature. It’ll boost the mood of your home, and make you happier, too -- plants have been shown to improve a person’s mood, as have images of beautiful scenery.

Space for Everyone

Finally, make sure that there’s space for everyone to live there comfortably. Sharing a space as a family becomes much harder when it feels like everyone is living on top of one another. Declutter your belongings, and design your property so that it makes the best use of the space. 

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