Decorating Your First Home

Monday, June 18, 2018

There’s a few things that are exciting about moving into your first home. One of them definitely has to be the decorating process. It’s not the first step, but it’s definitely the least stressful that you’re ever going to have to do with the whole process. However, we do know that decorating for the first time will be confusing more than anything. You’ll have no doubt seen various different interior design ideas on social media and what not, and knowing what might suit your home is often where people seem to struggle. In hindsight, what you put in your home is completely down to you. Some people decide to go so weird and wacky, that it actually works! That’s because they know how to make it work. You could so easily try and do the exact same, and make your home look a bit out of place! So, there are a few things we want to try and stop you from doing, and a few things we’d like to encourage you to do. So, have a read and see if we can help you decorate your first home.

Don’t Clutter

This has to be the thing that people struggle with the most, even in the beginning. So, when you’re thinking of all of the things that you want in your home, your mind might go into a bit of a meltdown. If you walk around your local home store, we know you’re going to point out so many different things that you like, but, it’s so important that they remain to be just pointed out. The more you fill that shopping trolley, the more you’re going to fill your home. So, the first thing that you need to do is think of the basics. You’ll need sofas, dining room table, chairs, kitchen accessories, appliances, a bed, bedding… the list could go on, but we’re sure you know most of the essentials that you’re going to need. Once you’ve got them all, you have the foundation for decorating. Add in any cute little accessories that you might want, such as pictures, candles, or ornaments. Stick to around two or three per room. You’ve then got the perfect amount in your home. Doing it step by step is going to be so much better than buying everything in one. It allows you to see more clearly what you have, and what you don’t have. As for the actual decor such as paint or wallpaper, you can’t necessarily clutter, but you can make a room a bit overbearing. Focus on more neutral colours, and definitely don’t clash. You should be able to find plenty of inspiration online, or in stores that have showrooms.

Don’t Drag It Out

It’s easy enough to drag out the whole decorating process, and that’s what can get on peoples last nerve. There’s nothing worse than having a half finished home, yet that’s what so many people seem to have to put up with. So, we urge that you think of what you need to do methodically, and do the basics of every room first. If you wanted to decorate first, which you obviously should, you could easily do it all in a weekend! A lot of people also end up using deck chairs in the living room because their furniture takes 6 weeks to deliver. So, we urge you to order your furniture three weeks before you know you’re going to get the keys. It allows you three further weeks in case of delays with getting the keys to your new home. Once you have the basics of decor done, you can relax. It’s then all about filling your home, to actually make it a home. One thing we really will advise is that you book a week or two off work during the moving process. It might be annoying having to use your holiday… not for a holiday, but the time off is really going to save your life!

Find Your Style

Enough with the don'ts, here’s what you should be doing to make sure that your home is perfect. A few weeks before moving in, you’re going to have to find what your style is. For a lot of people, it’s the standard homely style, nothing too out there. In fact, it is rather plain, but for a home, it does work. Some of you however, might prefer something a little more out there and alternative. You can so easily fill your home with artifacts that’ll make it just that little bit quirky. If you’re into rock music, and prefer things a little more from the norm, there’s so much you can do with your home. Go for a theme that’s slightly darker, utilising light greys and whites. You can find some great accessories that will follow this style through websites such as You wouldn’t want to add blacks in there, but the greys will give that subtle effect that you need. You could then have records, ornaments, and cool furniture that’s just a bit different from the norm. If you prefer the traditional style, stick to neutral colors, comfy furniture, and a homely feel!

Add Some Comfort

A home has to be comfy. It’s the one place you’re going to look forward to coming back to at the end of the day, and the one place you’re going to be sad about leaving at the start of the day. The two easiest rooms to add comfort to, are the bedrooms and the living room. If we’re talking about the bedrooms, we recommend that you go as fluffy as possible, and use warmer colours. If you use browns, greys, and beige, it’s going to look so much better than a brighter colour would. Fluffy pillows, a rug, and a couple of candles dotted around the room might sound like something so minor, but it really does make a room look comfy. All you need to do is the exact same with the living room, and you know you’re going to master the comfy look in your home. Considering the bedroom and the living room will be the rooms you’re most likely going to spend time in, these should be your main focus, no matter what your decor aim is.

Hopefully the whole moving out process isn’t hard for you, and you enjoy decorating just as much as we do!

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