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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Since the Gold Rush, in 1848, California has been a state on the rise. Home to some of the most interesting cities the US has to offer, this place has become extremely popular across different social and financial groups. The climate, landscapes, and other features of Cali are what people tend to focus on the most. But, in reality, one of the best things about The Golden State is the variety it has on offer. To take you on a journey through this array of areas, this post will be exploring four of the key biomes you’ll find here.

The Coast: Most people love to spend time by the sea, especially when the weather is on their side. Home to some of the most popular beaches in the world, California has made a name for itself when it comes to sunbathing and spending time in the ocean. As a big part of this, surfing plays a large role in many of the beaches you will find here. While this may make it harder to have a paddle, it will add a huge amount of culture to your time relaxing.

The Desert: Of course, sand isn’t only found on beaches, though, and California has plenty of the stuff further inland, too. The Mojave Desert is well known for its unforgiving climates and environment. Very little life will be found here, with those surviving having to be the very toughest of the bunch. California is also home to the Colorado and Great Basin deserts which are both large enough to be considered equal to those found elsewhere around the world.

The Mountains: It’s hard to imagine finding somewhere cold in a state like this. With summer temperatures reaching incredible highs, it should feel even less likely to encounter snow. In California, though, anything is possible, and the mountains help quite a bit, as well. You can find dozens of different ranges passing through this state. With excellent value options like the Best Western Plus Humboldt House Inn, it’s easy to find somewhere quality to stay. This opens the doors to options like Skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities which people like to experience on their vacations.

The Forests: Finally, as the last biome to cover, forests can often be found at the base of mountains. This feature can be seen for miles, and provides an exciting place for budding explorers to start making tracks, along with giving you a great place to enjoy some family camping. Of course, if you take your kids somewhere like this, you have to be aware of the dangerous wildlife surrounding you. These are plenty of resources on the web to help you to stay safe while away like this.

It’s rare that a single state can offer so much to visitors. One of the best parts of this arrangement is the ability to see each of these biomes in one day. You could spend breakfast on the beach, followed by a woodland walk and helicopter ride around a mountain, and finishing it all off with dinner in the desert. Along with offering this variety, California is brimming with character, culture, and charm, making it perfect for almost any tourist.

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