Affordable Bucket List Travel Tips For Active Adventurers

Thursday, January 25, 2018

A bucket list – everyone has one whether it’s written down or in your head. Aside from the constant torment, a catalog of things to do before you die is expensive. Ask anyone who has ticked off their list and they will tell you it cost a fortune. Lots of people will see the price as a reason to stay at home and hide the bucket for another year. However, you should see it as a challenge. Yep, it’s a mission that will result in an experience of a lifetime at an affordable price. 

Should you choose to accept it, here are the tips that won’t break the bank.

Think About The Season

In the wintertime, people want to go to the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights. In the summer, the same crew travels to the beaches of their dreams. Because of supply and demand, the cost will fluctuate depending on the season. Apart from hitting your wallet where it hurts, the packed crowds will also ruin the experience. If possible, it’s best to tick an adventure off the list when the season isn’t at its peak. Try and go at the beginning of the ski season, for example, or right at the end of winter for the Aurora Borealis. 

Pay In Advance

No, this isn’t a buy now and pay later scheme. Well, it is in a sense, but it won’t land you in mountains of debt. Vacations consist of small, medium and large expenses. You want to cut the cost of the big ones, and you can do with a credit card. The best airline credit card promotions give you the chance to rack up air miles by paying for ordinary items. Once you have enough, you can use the miles to pay for your family’s seat on the plane. Just be careful of the higher interest rates.

Avoid The Status Quo

Certain sights and attractions appeal to masses of people. Machu Picchu is a historical site that gets hundreds of thousands of visitors each week. Still, all of the wonders of the world won’t appeal to your sense of adventure. If that is the case, don’t book a vacation just because it seems like the right move. Always focus on the attractions which make you think “wow, that would be awesome. Surfers may want to visit an abstract stretch of water, whereas mountaineers may want to scale a peak that isn't in the Himalayas. It doesn’t matter as long as it makes you happy.

Buy A Package Deal

Bucket list items are popular, and agents are well aware that they are all the rage. As such, it isn’t rare to find a package deal which includes Niagara Falls in the price. In fact, it may include accommodation and transport to and from the site. Scams do exist but don’t dismiss these deals out of hand until you know more. Paying a lump sum for a vacation of goodies can be cheaper than paying separately. 

As an adventurer, it’s important to see the world without spending a fortune. So, do you have any tips to add to this bucket list?

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