Aim for the Stars

Monday, December 04, 2017

Every travel needs inspiration. Some travel to follow the sun. Others travel to ski down the snowy slopes of a mountain. When you go somewhere, you need a reason for your trip. In the countdown to the festive season, is there a better reason to travel than to follow the stars? After all, it’s the Star of Bethlehem that inspired the three wise men to travel to Jerusalem where they found Jesus. There is, nowadays, a variety of different kinds of star, and not all of them shine in the sky at night to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. But all of a certain panache, shine, and magnificence in common, which are excellent reasons to take the road and visit some of the most star-filled regions in the USA. In short, jump in the car and prepare yourself to go stargazing in some of the most beautiful and culturally rich places in the country.  

Deep into space
You can’t talk about stargazing without mentioning the Space Center in Houston, the official visitors center of NASA’s Johnson space center. As it’s a big place, make sure to arrive early because you could spend an entire day wandering around with your head in the stars. Make sure to follow both tours, if possible, as you can get to see both the astronaut training facility and the historic mission control room from Apollo 13. If you go with young children, you might find that skipping some shows is for the best, as complex exhibitions simply don’t work for kids. Fortunately, there’s plenty to see and do to keep people of all ages entertained! And what better way to conclude your trip that by staying at the Best Western Premier Energy Corridor in Greater Houston? You can relax without the constant buzz of the town around you. 
The singing stars of the US
If you’re a fan of music, you need to travel through the music history of the States, from Minneapolis where you can hear a particular brand of heavy synth funk  – think Prince – to Athens in Georgia to see the Music Hall of Fall in downtown Macon. There’s a lot to love, especially if you know your music history. If you need a little help to get by, head to the Bronx and dive into the magical universe of hip-hop with one of their renowned guided tours. 
Follow the stars of the big screen
Finally, for every cinema lover, there’s an iconic landscape not to miss. You can head to the abandoned textiles town of Henry River Mill village in North Carolina to find some of the shots of Hunger Games. If you prefer old classics, try visiting the Timberline Lodge in Oregon where the exterior and aerial shots of The Shining were filmed. It’s impossible not to feel the creepy atmosphere grow on you! 
In short, all you need to do is to pick your favorite kind of stars and to jump in the car to visit it. Whether you’re an astronomy enthusiast or you love the proper sound of old school music, there’s a star-infused trip waiting just for you. 

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