5 Ways To Add Style to Your Functional Home

Saturday, December 09, 2017

There some things you add to your home that are there for style, while others are purely functional; they’re there to do a job. However, you don’t need to think of these two as being completely independent of one another. It’s sometimes possible to have functional items that also bring a touch of style to proceedings. Below, we take a look at five ways you can make your home look terrific without losing any of the conveniences we all need.

On the Wall 

It’s not always the big things in the house that grab all the attention. Life, as they say, exists in the small details, after all. Things like your clocks, coat racks, shelving, and kitchen utensils will all be on the wall, but they don’t have just to do their job and nothing more. There’s real scope to make these items an eye-catching aspect of the home. A unique clock, maybe vintage, and a coat rack that doubles up as an attractive eyepiece will both add a sense of style to things that are usually just there “to do a job’.

Staying Warm, Keeping Cool

Your home observes the seasons just like the rest of the world. In the winter, you want a cosy home; in the summer, you want to keep it cool and comfortable. Indeed, it can feel like this is the only important thing, especially when the weather outside is living up to its season! For the warm months, take a look at ceiling fans for large rooms; they’ll look great, and will also be the most important item in the house. In the winter, there’s nothing better than staying warm in front of a roaring log fire. 

Accent Chairs

You might decide to buy all your furniture from one store, and in one style. But a room that only has one style of sofa and chairs tends to look bland. You can liven up your living room areas by adding an accent, vintage chair. If there’s only one, it’ll complement the rest of your furniture well. Take a look at flea markets and second-hand websites, and add a beautiful chair which, of course, can also be used for seating. 

In the Bathroom

Bathrooms are funny things. We spend next to no time in there, there’s nothing in there that doesn’t serve a purpose; and yet, it’s considered one of the most important rooms in the house. As such, it’s worth making an effort to ensure they look good. Pay particular attention to the taps, sink area, and bathtub/shower. Who knew function could look so good?

Golden Rule: Think

Ultimately, when it comes to adding style to your home, it’s important to always have the golden rule at the forefront of your mind: think! For everything you need, there will be many options. Have a look at what’s available, and choose an item that best suits your overall decor design. When it comes to your home, you’ll never regret spending a little bit looking over your options.

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