5 Ways Cycling Keeps You Healthy and Fit

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Why pay to go to a stuffy gym when you can just sit on your bike and get all the exercise you need in the fresh air and free of charge? And it will be in your own time and on your own terms. Cycling is the simplest thing in the world. Everyone can do it. But did you know how healthy it really is? No? Well, read on and find out about these 5 ways you’re helping your body stay healthy and in top-notch shape by cycling. 

1. Exercise for the Whole Body

Those that believe that bike riding is only good for building leg strength are in the wrong. First of all, cycling is an excellent way to strengthen your heart muscles and get the blood flowing’ through the body. Besides, regular cycling increases the body’s muscle function, and this physical workout is practically risk-free when it comes to strain or “overriding yourself.” It also builds your physical endurance. If you’re new to cycling, you may not be able ride great lengths. But every time you get on the bike, you’ll notice daily improvements and see that you can ride farther and farther every time.

2. Calorie Burner

Naturally, cycling helps with losing those pounds that might be bothering you a little bit. Riding your bike at the same tempo can burn from 300 up to even 650 calories per hour. So just calculate how much fat you want to burn and set your rides accordingly. You’ll see that calories will melt away with every ride you take. And out of all the physical activities you can take up, riding a bike is probably the least strenuous. And another thing: daily bike rides will also speed up your metabolic system, which additionally helps with weight loss.

3. Painless for the Joints

Even if you have some health issues, that is not an excuse to stay dormant. You should do quite the opposite. For those that have problems with joints or stiffness due to their age, as well as knee problems and osteoarthritis, bicycles are a God-given way to exercise. While you’re on the bike all the body’s pressure is put on your pelvis, as opposed to running, when your body weight is put on your legs. You’ll be doing your body a great favor if you paddle at least 30 minutes a day. And if there’s an uphill street or you’ve simply gotten tired of all the pedaling, you can get one of those affordable electric bikes, so you can just press the switch button whenever you want to.

4. Cycling Keeps Diseases at Bay

A study published in 2012 showed that cycling helps patients with Parkinson’s disease. And, according to Dr Jason Gill, those who cycle to work have a lower risk of getting sick. Primarily, it helps with keeping high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer at bay. And not just that, but your lungs will work better too. There is also some evidence to suggest that regular cycling can help combat dementia as it increases cerebral blood flow. And one more thing. If you suffer from anxiety, the best thing to do is to take your iPod with your playlist and go and ride.

5. Cycling Prolongs Life Expectancy

We hear it all the time from the doctors and the media, but stressing it for the thousandth time is not enough. We live in a sedentary society and that way of life is detrimental to our health. If you don’t exercise regularly, you’ve got slim chances of staying healthy and of becoming a centennial. Regular exercises rejuvenates and helps us live longer. Through constant exercise our body becomes better at defending itself as it regenerates body cells much faster. Something as simple as pedaling can help you live longer.

The benefits of cycling are innumerable, immense, and immutable like the law of gravity itself. Whether it is just to get to your workplace or if you want a regular workout, bike riding is the safest, cheapest and least dangerous form of exercising. You’re doing something extremely healthy every time you’re on the bike.

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