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Monday, February 06, 2017

Anyone who likes to travel will have their own dream trips. Although these vary between people, there are some classics. The three-month cruise that takes you from tropical climates to Arctic chill, The fortnight in an opulent penthouse in Dubai. But perhaps none is more of a dream trip than the classic world tour.

There is a reason it is a dream for most of us. Let's face it, unless you're exorbitantly rich and have eons of free time, it's just not possible. Even royalty have demands on their time and an itinerary to stick to, and so we generally stick to seeing the world one country at a time. Nonetheless, it doesn't hurt to dream. 

So indeed, that's what we do. Unless you do have that free time, it's hard to get to see everywhere you want to go in reality. Whether asleep, or awake and daydreaming, the best world tour the non-billionaires among us can hope for is one we take from our bed. 

Wait a moment, though. That leads into an idea that can bring some of your dreams of a world tour to life. We all know you can experience the world from your kitchen. You can enjoy Italian pasta, French patisserie, Ethiopian coffee, spicy Indian dishes. Why not find a way - outside of dreaming - to do the same with your bedroom?

You see, if there is one way to get an international theme in your home aside from the culinary approach, it surely comes with the decor. And your bedroom is the ideal place in which to fuse styles from all over. Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas all have their contribution to make here. 

The best news in all of this? It's a way to get an international flavor in your life without having to reach for your passport. That is, unless there are some particularly stringent credit checks in your local home furnishing store. 

On Your Walls: Indian Tapestries That Draw The Eye

Now, before you get cynical about the "student dorm" vibe that you might expect from Indian-style wall hangings, hold on. Yes, it's true that these are popular among people who go away to college and experiment with being a hippie. And if you go too far, accessorizing with too many candles and incense sticks, then an intervention may be in order.

However, one larger wall hanging or a few smaller ones can really bring a certain bohemian style to your bedroom. Imagine yourself in a busy Delhi marketplace. Think of the deep reds and the vibrant saffrons of the saree fabric you would see there. If you want something a little quieter, then an earthy green or mustard yellow will also work. Think of what fits with your wallpaper.

On The Floor: Turkish Rugs That Are An Endless Delight

Every country in the world has its own specialty when it comes to art. The Irish have their poetry, the Brazilians their dance. France has pretty much everything. In Turkey, for their part, the people have turned making rugs into one of the finest art forms. Each new rug is like an epic poem, and each one evokes an emotion or a spirit. 

A word of advice when it comes to shopping for Turkish rugs. The truest marker of quality is the count of knots per square inch. If you find a count of more than 500 KPSI, then it's a rug of the finest quality. 

There is some variance in this rule, however, as some of the less intricate patterns will not require as much weaving. The quality can still be high with less of a knot count. You can check the underside of the rug to see how clearly defined the pattern is on the bottom. The clearer it is, the more effort has gone into weaving, rather than just manufacturing, a rug.

On Your Bed: Fine Egyptian Cotton For Cool Comfort

On the Northern point of Africa, Egypt is one of those countries that has been informing many aspects of world style for centuries. Along with the Roman and Greek empires, Egyptian civilization was one of the pre-eminent early cultures. That same aesthetic has stayed in fashion into the present day.

Perhaps the most noted present-day contribution comes in the form of Egyptian cotton sheets. Valued for an exceptionally high thread count, these are held to be the finest bedsheets in the world. It's not all about how stylish they look, either. Although that style is not in doubt, they are also comfortable and cooling - essential for a good night's sleep. 

Care for them correctly - washing on a gentle setting in cold water, and drying immediately at the lowest temperature. Such is the quality of cotton sheets that you don't want to do anything that might damage them. With proper care, these will keep you comfortable at night for years to come.

Around Your Windows: Scandinavian-Style Curtains

With some classic design touches in your bedroom, you don't want to walk into it during the day and find it in darkness. In Scandinavian interior design, natural light is an essential part of the arrangement. So window coverings are kept minimal during the day - pale curtains in sheer fabrics are preferred.

While you don't want curtains that are too dominating, you can play around with design - geometric patterns are big in Sweden. The most important thing is that the curtains themselves are not too bulky. 

And yes, you may be thinking that sheer curtains won't keep that streetlight from shining in. So fit a blackout roller blind for the times you want absolute darkness. You certainly need your sleep at night - but your bedroom deserves to be seen in the daylight, doesn't it?

Arranging Your Furniture: A Tip From China

If you remember the end of the 1990s, then you'll nod with recognition when someone mentions Feng Shui. This Chinese method of furnishing was everywhere for the last few years of the 20th Century. Today, people may be more skeptical about the idea that where you place your wardrobe brings luck. However, that's not to say we can't take a tip or two from the style.

With all the various design touches around the room, it is vitally important that your room is functional where it needs to be. You want some floor space in there, for practicality if nothing else. There's no point being proud of your beautiful bedroom if you can't walk three paces without tripping over something. 

So in the style of Feng Shui, make sure you declutter everywhere you can. Taller wardrobes and bookcases around the walls are better than more in different places. If you can find a bed you like with ample storage underneath, get it. The less storage you can see, the better. Ornaments are fine, but should not be obtrusive.

About Those Ornaments: Where To Look?

We've covered much of the world by now, but there's still more to see. So where do other places come in? Surely, it is time for a whistle-stop tour of the rest of the world in the form of ornamentation!

Every bedroom should have a mirror. And the perfect way to tick this box while adding an international flavor is with an Aztec-style wall mirror. Beautifully intricate patterns without taking up too much space? Perfect. There are various options for mirrors with an international flavor - you can pick a more Celtic design. Ideal if there is some Irish or Scottish somewhere in your family tree.

Your bedside table needs some ornamentation too. You can look at different styles from various countries. However, one way to get some quirky style in your room could be with a Russian-style matryoshka set of nesting dolls. Alternatively, you might prefer to go with a Canadian-style bedside lamp.

There is no shortage of other ways to add this kind of international glamor to your bedroom. It's simply a matter of asking yourself which countries you really identify with. Which places have you been to that have left a real imprint on you? The places you'd go back to in a heartbeat for another holiday are the spots you should be thinking about. There will always be something you can choose to pay tribute to them.

And in case you think we've left out one very important part of the world, don't worry. There will always be something in the room representing where you're from. You! 

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