Everything You Need For A Chic City Break

Monday, February 20, 2017

City breaks are an increasingly popular type of vacation. Sometimes, it’s refreshing to get away for a couple of days, and exploring different cities is a great chance to enjoy a change of scenery and get to know diverse cultures. If you’re thinking of jetting off for a weekend soon, here’s everything you could possibly need for a chic city break.

Beautiful baggage

Are you aiming to make a stylish entrance? If you’re taking a break in Milan, Paris or London, nothing will set you up for your trip like finding the best luggage set. Your new luggage will get you excited about your vacation, and enable you to get in the mood long before you touch down on the tarmac.

A day to night capsule wardrobe

If you’re taking a mini-break, you may not want to transport your whole wardrobe overseas with you. Create a capsule wardrobe, which will see you from day to night effortlessly. You can dress up staple pieces by changing your shoes and adding accessories like statement necklaces or a brooch. 

A map

It may sound old school, but you can’t always rely on your phone to guide you through a labyrinth of winding streets or cobbled squares. If you need to get from A to B, and you’re not sure of the route, a good old-fashioned map will provide you with the answers. If you’re not in a hurry and you’ve already ticked off the must-sees on your itinerary, part of the joy of a city break is getting lost, so don’t be afraid if you take a wrong turn. In cities like Barcelona, Venice, and Rome, you may just discover some hidden gems if you venture off-piste. 

Comfortable shoes

Unless you want to spend all your days stuck in traffic or battling commuters underground, it’s advisable to use your legs to get around. You can hire taxis and ride the subway, but in many cases, the best way to see the city is on foot. Before you travel, invest in some comfortable shoes, like sneakers, Chelsea boots or pumps, so that you can pound the pavements without any pain. 

A tailor-made itinerary

Before you go away, do some research, and put together a rough itinerary. Read some travel guides, ask friends and colleagues for tips and recommendations, and take a look at some reviews online. See which bars and restaurants people are raving about, and make reservations. Have a think about what you want to see, and work out how you’re going to get from one attraction to the next. If you’re organized, you’ll save time. Once you’ve seen everything you were desperate to visit, you’ll have more flexibility to roam at your leisure. 

Are you thinking of getting away for the weekend? If so, city breaks are a fantastic option. There are so many wonderful places out there, and flights are more regular and affordable than ever. Before you travel, have a look through this list, and make sure you’re ready for your urban adventure. 

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