Back To Basics: The Bedroom

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sometimes we can over complicate things in an attempt to get the look we are going for. Too much of a good thing can be sickly and this applies across all aspects of life, design and living. 

Decorating is all about getting the basics right and building from there. This is especially important in the bedroom as you will be using this room for the most intimate and relaxing reasons. You need a room that will make you feel relaxed and calm at night, that will add a little bit of passion when needed and that will help you feel calm but energized in the morning. 

The best way to start is to remove absolutely everything from the bedroom and then paint all your walls white. This will give you a completely blank canvas to start from, it will mean you can see your room naked and you may notice small details you hadn’t before.

If you have an idea of colour then make sure you buy lots of different tester pots. Don’t just test on one wall in one space, you need to get an idea to how the light will affect it. So test on all of your walls and then leave it for a day before you make a decision. You might get it right first time, but often shades look completely different due to your natural light and room shape. You may also decide to contrast the shades slightly to give a little more depth. In the bedroom though, the best colours to go for are neutral. You can get a hint of colour through different beiges and greys though. Then bring that out through your furnishings. 

Your bed is the largest feature in this room. So go for a style that complements your theme. You also need to consider your mattress as not only will this add comfort but it may also make a low bed sit to high. Take a look at casper mattress review to find some great options. Dressing your bed is a great way to take drama or opulence to the next level. You can layer colors and add a runner to make this the central piece of your room

Lighting is an area you can really start to add drama. Designer Abigail Ahern creates a clever range of lighting which double up as art, which could be great for a room that is minimal, if you want to have a little stamp of your personality on show. 

For other furniture you should try and keep things to a minimum. If you are lucky enough to have a dressing room or walk in wardrobe then you can keep your room pretty blank and clear. IKEA offer a fantastic range of integrated storage for the bedroom and can make the most of small spaces, meaning you can store everything away.

Keep your bedroom basic and add personality through your soft furnishings. Take it back to basics and you’ll enjoy your own slice of luxury living.

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