Fabulous Kitchen Design Ideas and Remodeling Plans

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

designer kitchen, kitchen design

Kitchen is rightly called the heart of the home as it is the place where the delicious food is prepared. A well planned and designed kitchen is convenient to use in a simple and efficient manner. It is important to gather all the details and necessary information before starting to remodel the kitchen area. A variety of kitchen designs are in trend, but it is necessary to get a thorough knowledge on them so that smart ideas and designs can be applied wherever possible while restructuring the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen with Retractable Hoods

The best part of installing the modern kitchen is that they are visually appealing with a minimalistic look, and still are fully functional. Using retractable counter hoods in your kitchen is a smart idea. Kitchen is the place where many things are installed and variety of materials are available, but not everything is used together. So, to maintain the minimalistic look in the kitchen, the things which are not in use can be retracted back into their respective counters, thereby keeping the look simple and neat.

Pocket Doors for kitchen cabinets

designer kitchen, kitchen design

Pocket doors are a great option for the kitchen area as they do not obstruct the space with their installation, and they are very efficient in making best use of the small space in small kitchens by offering easy access to the space around them. In addition, they also have a very sleek and stylish look. Pocket doors are also quite durable compared to its peers making them the most desired option for kitchen designs and kitchen cabinet doors.

Building Efficient Sinks in Kitchen

Sinks are the essential element of any type of kitchen design. A latest idea on kitchen designs aimed to provide more functionality to the sink area while keeping them less obtrusive is the counter top sinks. Counter tops sinks are popular in modern kitchen design where the bottom of the sink is designed to raise to the surface level of the counter, thereby one can use the sink only when needed and the space which it occupies is efficiently used at other times. 

Cabinets and Neatly Organized Drawers in Kitchen

designer kitchen, kitchen design

The drawers and cabinets are the primary elements that make up a kitchen. Small kitchens require a well-planned and an efficient design to make the best use of the available space. The modern kitchen drawers are more than a wooden box which was traditionally used to dump utensils and other stuffs. The neatly divided compartments of the drawers provide the needed organization to group the related things neatly in the drawers.

The modern drawers and cabinets come with a light strip which is designed to illuminate automatically when opened or when poor light is sensed. These modern technologies make a great impact in terms of look and functionality.

Kitchen with Counter Top Storage

designer kitchen, kitchen design

Storage is the primary need in any type of kitchen. Cabinets, drawers and other storage are induced in the kitchen design wherever possible. Counter top storage is an important aspect of modern kitchens which allows the users to store commonly used tools such as knives on the top of the counter rather than storing away in some drawer. The sliders over the sink can also be used for counter top storage, where the sliders can be pulled over to store important spices and other small tools, and when not in use put them back in to their hood and use the sink.

Given the benefits of the right design, ensure that you get the right interior design professional to handle work on your kitchen. This will make sure that you kitchen looks as outstanding as it is supposed to be.

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