Declutter Your Life With These Tips For A Minimalist Bedroom

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Quite a few of us suffer from bad sleeping habits these days. There are various reasons why we spend most of the night awake in bed, including too much stress in our lives. But one of the other reasons why we find it so hard to drop off is that our bedroom isn’t the ideal environment for sleep. This could be because there is a lot in your room distracting you from sleep. Does the red light from the TV keep you awake? Are you always worrying about the growing pile of washing that is stacked up in the corner of your room? Whatever the reason, you will certainly benefit from decluttering your bedroom, and life, and by adopting a minimalist decor. Here are some tips to help you design your new, sleep-friendly bedroom.

Pick Neutral Furniture

There are loads of different styles of furniture out there; you only need to look around your local designer brand home decor and furniture showroom to see the huge choice you can pick from! But when you are styling a minimalist bedroom, it is important to pick some neutral pieces that are in basic tones and shades. You should also stick to neutral colour tones when picking your bedroom linen. Bright and bold colours affect us subconsciously and can affect our moods. To make sure your linen and sheets aren’t keeping you up all night, opt for neutral creams and pastel shades.

Don’t Fill Your Walls

Lots of homeowners who pride themselves on their interior design skills try to fill their walls with pieces of contemporary art. These can help to add your own stamp to your home’s decor, and it can also help to add bursts of colour into your rooms. However, you need to be careful not to fill your walls when you are creating a minimalist bedroom. The whole point of minimalism is that it is very bare and sparse. So don’t worry about having naked walls without anything hanging on them. At the end of the day, it will add to the minimal feel of the room, and can help your bedroom feel very chic indeed!

Decorate With Wood

Many people struggle with decorating minimalist rooms. Just because it is minimal doesn’t mean you should have no decorative features at all. You can; you just need to limit how many you add! There is another way around this, though. You can simply decorate your room with wood. For example, add a hardwood flooring for an elegant feel to your room. Wooden paneling is also a great addition to a minimalist room and can be a great alternative to wall hangings and paintings. If you have any bedside tables or drawers in your bedroom, make sure that they are made from the same type of wood as your flooring or side panelling.

There you have it; all you need to know to create a fantastic minimalist bedroom! Hopefully, you will find that this great style will also help to improve your sleep!

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