Style + Function = A Kitchen All Your Friends Will Envy!

Monday, December 26, 2016

It's often said that the kitchen is the room that sells a house. Now, this cannot be true in all cases. Some people see the kitchen as simply a place to store and make food and don't really think much about it beyond that. But if you are someone who likes to cook or to entertain, it is an essential hub of the kitchen. And as such, it needs to be two things above all: functional and stylish.

Yes, that's ringing a few alarm bells, no doubt. We always hear about how style and function are competitors. One thing is "style over substance." Another is "efficient but dull." You'd be forgiven for getting the impression that it was an either/or choice.

Then again, think of all the things that are efficient and stylish. A Rolls Royce. A Parker pen. Your next kitchen. Yes, it may be a tall order, but if you want to have a kitchen that is the envy of others, you need to make it tick both those boxes in equal measure.

It Needs To Be Well Stocked, But Uncluttered

Right away, your kitchen is the one room in the house that most needs a great deal of storage without taking up too much space. You need cupboards which open quickly, ideally with recessed doors. In the kitchen, every inch counts. A tall fridge-freezer which doesn't stick out is important. Ideally, it should be in a subtle color which fits with the rest of the decor. 

You don't want to keep much on the counters - a Cooling Wine rack for when you're entertaining is a good idea. Aside from that, just a chopping board and maybe a holder for kitchen roll is all you want out when the kitchen is not in use.

It Needs To Look Modern But Not Sterile

Okay, it needs to be sterile, but in the health and safety sense rather than the aesthetic one. For this reason, a large number of people have started to look away from the standard white appliances that can wash out how everything else looks. Metallic looks are fashionable and will fit in really well with finished stone surfaces. If you want to go with a less space-age look, then some appliances are available in pastel colors

Work with a color wheel to get the right look. Your appliances should not be the same color as your walls - but they also should not clash.

It Needs To Be Well Ventilated

While not an immediate aesthetic concern, your kitchen does need to be able to let heat and steam out. Without that, it becomes impossible to keep it looking new. The more condensation that collects, the sooner the paint will look dull. The harder it will be to keep everything clean. Not only that but a poorly ventilated kitchen will start to smell before long.

Fit a cooker hood, if you have a standard stove. If you don't, a fan and an air purifier will be enough. 

Balancing your practical concerns with your style requirements really isn't that hard when you put your mind to it. And when you hit on a formula you love, you'll have a kitchen to be proud of.

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