Going All Hygge? How You Can Incoporate This Trend Into Your Home

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Have you hear about Hygge? The latest trend to take the nation by storm that places emphasis on comfortable living and enjoying all the good things in life. It comes from Denmark originally, and the Danish have been known to be the happiest people in the world. They put that down to practicing Hygge. Which in simple terms is all about embracing the comfortable and good things in life. As it is winter, it is the perfect time to try and capture some of this for yourself and your home. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you could incorporate it into your decor. I hope it inspires you to try out the trend yourself. 

Take pride in your home decor

Sometimes just making a few significant changes to our home can make a big impact, and help you take on this trend in your home. Think about incorporating warm colors to keep that ambiance alive. Reds, creams, oranges are all colors to consider. Focusing on larger surface areas can transform a home. Flooring, in particular, works well with the Hygge trend as you don’t need to be specific with your choice. You could consider carpet, timber, laminate or even vinyl flooring to make the rooms feel more homely and all of which would work with the atmosphere and home decor you are trying to create. There are many different ways you can dress them up to make your home feel cozy and inviting. Styling your soft furnishings like cushions, blankets, and rugs will bring this Hygge trend alive, while still placing focus on style and looks. 

Add candles to create ambiance

Many people would agree that lighting candles can create a soothing ambiance in your home, and this is something that is extremely Hygge. So instead of using lamps or keeping those bright lights on, why not get those candles out instead and create a cozier environment to relax in. You could even consider scented ones to add a lovely scent to your living space. If you are looking for something relaxing, then Lavender always works well, but there are some amazing winter scents like mulled wine, apple cider and festive scents that could inspire you and set the mood. 

Lower the lighting and get the fire roaring

Hygge is all about being warm and cozy, so lower the lighting and if you can, get a fire going. If you don’t have anything like that, make sure your heating system is working, and your home is toasty warm. There is something quite relaxing about being in your comfy clothes, watching a fire and ready to enjoy an evening ahead. Consider adding fairy or twinkly lights to your home decor. Adding them to shelves to enhance the look, or maybe across bed headboards to create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom

Finally, Hygge is all about embracing what makes you happy. After all, this is what it is all about. So ensure you add your personality to your decor and make more use of the spaces you like to spend the most time in. 

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