Don’t Forget the Bathroom! Top Tips to Spice up the Forgotten Room in Your Home

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

If you’re a busy person, then you have realized that you don’t exactly spend much time in your bathroom. You might go in for a quick shower to start or end the day, you might brush your teeth there and of course, you go to the toilet. However, it’s probably the one room that we spend the least amount of time in—even more than the kitchen!

If that’s the case for you, then perhaps you’re neglecting the bathroom more than you should be. Let’s face it, the bathroom is probably the last thing on our minds when we talk about home improvements because we don’t exactly spend long in there unless we take a bath. However, your bathroom might eventually reach a state where you just hate going in there because it’s a complete mess and you can’t muster up the effort to clean it up or fix it.

Fortunately, there are dozens of small upgrades and changes we can make to the bathroom that’ll transform it from a simple room into a throne worthy of your time.

Exhaust Fan Replacements

Over time, your exhaust fan will accumulate dirt, dust and grime which makes it inefficient at exhausting air. This can lead to mould build up on your walls and ceilings, and it makes your bathroom look like a nasty mess. A good way to test the strength of your fan is to tear off a single sheet of toilet paper and hold it to the fan. If it sticks to the fan, then your fan is in decent working condition. However, if it fails to hold the tissue up or falls after a while, then you need to give it a good clean with a vacuum cleaner and brush. If it’s still weak after cleaning it, then consider replacing it.

Mirror Replacements

There are bathroom mirrors that look gorgeous no matter what kind of bathroom they’re placed in. Your existing mirror, if it’s not cleaned often, might accumulate grime and nasty chemicals and it could look like a mess. Change it out for a nice, clean mirror and replace the worn and dated look of your current one. It’ll reflect more light, it’ll brighten up the room, and it will make your bathroom look better. Replacing the mirror is usually just a case of unscrewing something or removing it from the mount, but if you’re worried about dropping it or breaking something then ask for help from a friend.

Broken Tiles

A cracked or broken tile doesn’t just look horrible, but it’s also a hazard. You could cut yourself or trip over broken tiles, and they could crack and splinter into smaller pieces that can lodge into your skin. If you are capable of doing it, then replace it with a new tile. Otherwise, you can hire a friend to replace the tile for you. It’s not recommended to hire a contractor to replace a single tile (the cost would be ridiculous) so it’s better to study and educate yourself on how to do it yourself. This is one of the few DIY projects that you should invest time into instead of calling a contractor.

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