Tying Everything Together. How To Make Your Hallways A Part Of Your Home

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Redesigning rooms in your home can be the perfect thing to give your house a burst of freshness. But it’s not just the rooms that need considering. What about the spaces between? Hallways and corridors often end up neglected, but they are just as crucial as the rooms themselves! You want to keep your passages up to date with the rest of your decor. Not every guest sees all your rooms, after all, but most are going to see your corridors. You can shut up a room up to keep it hidden, but there’s no hiding any horrible corridors!


Accessorising your hallways is a fantastic start. Hallways are empty space, so accessorising the space is a great way to make more use of it. Little tables can be handy to have. Dotting the occasional mirror on the wall can also be useful. If mirrors aren’t your thing, you could go for pictures or paintings instead. You could decorate the halls with memories of your loved ones! Plants are a great addition to any home, and the hallway is a fantastic place to keep them. It might be worth getting an entrance mat and an umbrella rack in your entrance hall. Think about accessories that will be useful to have. Coat racks are also worth a thought.


When decorating the hallways, it can sometimes be hard to come up with an inspiring colour scheme. If there is a lot of recurring colours in your rooms, you could tie them together by using them in your hallway. If all your rooms are unrelated in colour, a neutral choice may work best in the hallways. Go for something pastel, or maybe even cream. Maybe you don’t care about complimenting your other rooms with your hallway. If that’s the case, why not go for a striking colour? A bold hallway is sure to get your guests talking! 


Rugs are a great addition to a hallway. Take a look at the different shaped rugs available. Measure your hallways to ensure you're buying rugs that will fit. Choose rugs that match with the colour scheme you have chosen. If you’ve gone for a neutral hallway, you could even fit the rugs to the colours of your rooms. It’s nice to have a touch of continuation throughout a home. A rug could be exactly what’s needed to tie your home together. Not only do rugs look great, they also protect your carpet from getting trodden and dirty. They can be especially handful in entrance corridors.


A hallway doesn’t have to be wasted space. Why not take some small steps towards making your hallways more functional? Whether you’re looking for somewhere to store your bike or a little extra storage space, your hallway could be the perfect place! Get creative with the space you have. Even if you think your hallway is too narrow, you might just be able to utilise the space in a more efficient way.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such content. Rugs are great addition to add color, warmth and style into your space.


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