Create a Cozy Home In Time For Winter

Monday, November 07, 2016

Home is where we spend most of our time when the cold weather hits, and so a comfortable and cozy space to relax in is essential. And just a few simple changes can make sure you’re all prepared it for the season ahead. Here’s how you can create a cozy home ready for the winter!

Adjust The Lighting

Lighting in the home is so important and isn’t something to be overlooked. Choose a beautiful ceiling light fixture for each room, as well as secondary light sources. In the living room, this could be wall sconces, a large floor lamp and a couple of desk lamps. In the kitchen, it could be lighting along underneath cabinets. The lights in your home will set the tone and ambiance, and so pay as much attention to these as you would the rest of the decor

Pile On The Soft Furnishings

The cold weather is all about hibernating at home under a pile of cozy throws and blankets. Use these to bring color, interest and texture to the room as well as being practical for keeping you and your family warm. Lots of cushions on a sofa or bed will instantly make it look more homely and inviting. Add soft shaggy rugs to the floors, and thick curtains to help keep any drafts out. Also, think about things like towels and bath mats in the bathroom. New fluffy pieces like this will give you an air of luxury when you step out of the bath.

Think About Color

When you’re updating your soft furnishings and home accessories, think about how color can make a home extra cozy. Orange, red and gold make great accent shades for the fall and through to winter too and bring an added warmth to the look of the room. Although any deep shade will work, rich purples, navy blues or even khaki green can all look great as an accent shade and bring in some interest for the colder weather. 

Think About Fragrance

It’s easy to get caught up on trying to make our homes look beautiful. But smell is a powerful sense and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Scents can evoke memories, make us feel happy and generally add a cozy ambiance to the room that you just can’t achieve any other way. Scented candles, reed diffusers, essential oils and plug in air fresheners in seasonal fragrances are all a good way to bring in stunning scents into the room. Go with fruits, spices, and vanilla as well as things like fresh pine needles to bring in the season to your home.

Crank Up The Heating

Finally, to keep everywhere warm and toasty you’ll need a decent heat source. It could be central heating or maybe with a traditional wood burning fire. Either way, making sure everything is in full working order is essential. Have your appliances serviced, or if you’re using wood stock up on firewood. Give everything a test run if you haven’t already to make sure you’re not stuck without heating when the weather really does cool down!

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