Creating a Beautiful Place To Get Ready And Pamper Yourself

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Having a gorgeous place to get ready can improve your mornings no end. When everything is neatly organized, easy to access and all setup and ready to go it means there’s no rushing around or rummaging for things and generally just cuts out hassle and stress. Here are a few of the ways you can create a beautiful place where you can get ready in the mornings or just sit and pamper yourself.

Designate an Area

While a dedicated dressing room is the dream for many women, there’s no need to fret if you don’t have that kind of space available in the home. You could designate a space in your bedroom by putting up a dressing table, or in the bathroom with something like these JWH Living vanities. You could go with a double vanity if you have to share with your other half! Either way, having your own little area that’s not going to be disturbed and where everything can be kept neatly is key.

Think About Lighting

When you’re applying makeup, good lighting is absolutely crucial. What looks great in dim yellow light might look absolutely horrendous when you step outside into daylight! Try to find a spot which gets plenty of natural light, and then supplement this with a makeup mirror. These tend to use cool white lights which give you a much more realistic look at how your makeup will look outside. 

Invest in Good Storage

If your vanity or dressing table doesn't have much built-in storage, you’ll need to go on the lookout for something suitable. It could be a small set of drawers, clear acrylic containers or different pots and baskets. Make sure it’s a system that makes grabbing what you need easy, and keeps everything nice and tidy. If you’re going to use drawers, for example, you could use one for hair products, one for skin products and another for makeup. Then within each drawer use containers to keep different makeup products separate. That way you’re not rummaging through foundations when you’re looking for an eyeliner! You could keep your hair tools neat by wrapping up the wire and keeping them in a basket or bin on the floor after each use. Or invest in a wall mounted caddy. Perfumes could all be put together on a tray to keep them all neat. Have a think about the things you own and decide the best way to store everything.

Make It Comfortable and Beautiful

Being comfortable while you’re pampering yourself and applying your products is essential. If you’ve gone down the bathroom vanity route, you could buy a soft memory foam mat to stand on while you get ready. If you prefer to sit at a dressing table, replacing the standard stool that came with it with a more comfortable one could be an option. Finally, you can add the finishing touches to make everything look beautiful. Keep it simple, so you avoid clutter, it could be a luxury candle or a vase of real or faux flowers. 

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