Boost Your Health This Winter With These 6 Foods

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Winter is a wonderful time of the year. It’s full of coziness, snow, and festive cheer. But it can be a challenge for your health. There’s an increased chance of picking up bugs and illnesses such as colds and flu. It also causes havoc with your skin. Give your health a boost this winter with these six foods. 

1. Guava

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and helps to boost the body’s immune system. This helps us to ward off and fight diseases. It is also believed to help protect against serious illnesses such as cancer. When it comes to vitamin C, we immediately think of oranges and citrus fruits. However, there are many other food types that provide us with more of this vitamin. The guava is one of them. 

Guavas have many health benefits. Not only do they help protect against disease, but they are are also good for brain health. This is due to the presence of vitamins B3 and B6. They can be eaten alone or combined with other fruits using a Blendtec blender or similar, to create a healthy and delicious smoothie. 

2. Almonds

Vitamin E also has antioxidant properties which help boost the immune system. Almonds are a good source. They help the body’s healing process and are frequently used in skin products. Combine with a good beauty regime to keep your skin in tip-top condition during the winter months. Get into the habit of eating a few almonds each day. They’re extremely versatile and can be served on salads or desserts. 

Almonds are also used as a substitute for flour and are often found in healthy cake recipes. Consider swapping your cow’s milk to unsweetened almond milk, for a delicious cereal topper. 

3. Turmeric

Turmeric has been used as a spice and powerful medicinal herb in India for thousands of years. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and is a strong antioxidant. It helps fight germs and plays a role in the healing process. Turmeric can be used as a flavorsome spice in curries and other dishes. Or you can take it in a concentrated form as a supplement. 

4. Beetroot

Stacked with antioxidants and fiber, beetroot makes a great addition to your winter dishes. With its beautiful color, it also adds to the aesthetics of your meal. Try it roasted with goats cheese. Delicious!

5. Oats

Oats are great all year round. However, in winter they come into their own. There’s nothing better than a warming bowl of porridge for cold mornings. It sets you up for the whole day. Sprinkle with blueberries for an extra kick. Oats have many health benefits. They help manage cholesterol and are great at managing blood sugar levels. They make a great alternative to wheat-based breakfasts. 

6. Rosemary

Rosemary is used in a variety of dishes from salads to bread. It is good for the liver and helps the body’s detoxification process. As such, it helps to rid the body of unwanted bacteria and toxins. Serve sprinkled on roasted vegetables as part of your Christmas dinner. 

If you want to stay at peak health this winter, consider adding some of these ingredients to your meals. Combine with regular exercise and plenty of sleep for optimum benefits.

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