Naked Statues of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

In the heat of election season, looking at both US Presidential Candidates fighting over America is like watching a divorce parent fighting over their child custody. I am a democrat, so I will not be voting for Donald Trump, but setup naked statues up on the street and sabotage both candidates?

That was humiliating, I understand we have freedom of speech in the states, but this kind of action? It's disrespectful, for both candidates. I'm not a Donald J. Trump supporter and I will never be, but setting a statue up and humiliate other human being even that statue was Trump, that make us another trump in a sense! In this case, they are humiliating a naked statue of an actual female (Hillary Clinton), it is wrong. 

To this day, humiliation remains a common form of punishment, abuse, and oppression; conversely, the dread of humiliation is a strong deterrent against crime but we don't have to go down this route! We are civilized folks, we are no longer living in the past where public humiliation was a social norm. Humiliation can befall anyone at any time, when we are humiliated, we can almost feel our heart shriveling, even though those were statues, but they are living breathing human beings, that these statues were represented! 

Why can't we rise above? In the era of where we long for science and technology, we are advancing but humanity is going down on a slippery slope. Unbelievable...

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