How Can Fine Haired Beauties Can Get The Locks They’ve Always Dreamed Of?

Saturday, October 08, 2016

If you have thin, wispy hair without much body, you’ll know that the fine hair struggle is real! It all very well looking through celebrity magazines and on Pinterest for gorgeous, sexy hair styles. But before you get for the chop, you need to ask yourself a serious question. Will they actually work on my hair type? Will they take hours of styling every morning, as well as constant adjustments? If so, then they are probably not the best style to choose. But that doesn't mean all is lost! There are some things that you can do for fine hair to give it some body and texture. Read on to find out what they are.

Shampoo And Conditioner

Fits of all how you wash your hair can have a massive effect on how much body it has. Use a shampoo and conditioner designer to increase volume without weighing hair down. Pantene have recently brought one out in which the two steps are reversed. So you condition first and then wash. This is because conditioning, although making your hair a soft, can also make it too heavy to manage and weight each follicle down.

If you are using a normal conditioner then make sure that you only apply it to the ends and don't leave it on for too long, A minute is enough. Avoid 'leave in' conditioners and shine sprays as they are likely to just work against any styling you do to inject a bit of body into your hair do.

Drying Your Hair

The type of hair dryer that you use and the way that you dry your fine hair can make a big difference to the way that it looks. First of all, you want to dry your hair upside down. This means that the follicles are set pointing in an upward direct which creates more texture and stops your hair lying so flat against the scalp.

Just before you hair is completely dry, you need to flip you head back over and the finish it off in sections. Use a the thin end of a combe to divide your hair into smaller pieces then then focus on each part. This will ensure that you set your style. Remember to pay special attention to working the roots, to keep that lift.

The right hair dryer can really help you in your quest for voluminous hair. You don't want one that is too hot as fine hair often tries quickly. Check the example sat for some more information.

Dry Shampoo

Another weapon that fine haired people should never be without is spray dry shampoo. Developed to soak up grease in the roots of dirty hair so you can go longer between washes, the surprising benefit of dry shampoo is that it adds body too.

You can get full-size bottle to use at home. Combine with backcombing for the best effect. Or a travel-size can, to take with you on dates and when you are out and about. So you can keep your volumized style looking big and bouncy all day.

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