Eye-deas For Visionary Halloween Outfits

Friday, October 07, 2016

Halloween is approaching. Kids knocking the door in sweet outfits, hands reaching out for sweets and chocolates. High school parties with some of the most un-scary bunnies, police, devils and witches you’ve ever seen. Apple bobbing. Pumpkins lighting up neighbours’ windows. Trick or treat. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s on its way and you better prepare. If you’re heading out to a party, the main focus of your preparation will be costume. Whether you go for a store bought ensemble, or go all out DIY and create your own, there are certain accessories that will make your outfit that extra bit special. Here are some for you to consider.

Glow In The Dark Spray

Okay, you’re a mummy. Or a vampire. Maybe even a supervillain. Whatever your outfit of choice, glow in the dark spray will give it that extra little something. After all, chances are you’re going to be out in the dark. Days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. You’re glowing green presence will draw attention straight to you.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can make even the worst outfit seem brilliant. Why? Because they completely change your appearance. People who you see almost every day might be fooled and won’t know who you are at first. Certain colours work perfectly for certain outfits. Blood red for vampires. Green for Frankenstein. White for zombies, ghosts or aliens. Cat lenses are great for werewolves or black cats. Lizard lenses will give you a reptilian appearance. Whatever you go for, make sure you use a reliable supplier and quality lenses. Your eyes are sensitive and will be more so if you’re not used to using lenses. For beginners, a circle lens is a good place to start.

Fake Blood

Fake blood galore. You don’t see this stuff all year and then on Halloween it seems to fill the streets like the red sea. But that’s for good reason. It’s cheap or you can make it yourself at home. It’s not sticky and it’s effective. Just remember not to put it down anything that you’ll want to wear again. It stains and you’ll have a hard time getting it out. For extra effect, drip some from your lips or the corners of your eyes. Don’t get it in contact with your actual eye though.


Fangs come in different forms, shapes and sizes. Be moderate with them. Great big fangs might look great, but they’ll get in your way throughout the night. Especially if you’re drinking. A good option is fangs that stick on with a sort of non-permanent cement. These generally stay in place and look more realistic. However, keep an eye on them. You don’t want to accidentally swallow one or two as you take a sip of your drink or bite into a toffee apple.

Prosthetic Moulding

This is a little more difficult, but for the fancy dress fanatics out there, this is a brilliant option. Prosthetic making kits are widely available around Halloween. You can form massive wrinkles for the perfect old haggard witch look. You can create fake wounds, boils and all sorts. Just give yourself sufficient time for them to dry before leaving the house.

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