Three Surprisingly Romantic Getaways

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

When we think of romantic getaways, our minds tend to instantly wander to the likes of Paris and Rome. Perhaps even Venice or an idyllic beach somewhere Hawaiian. But being romantic doesn’t have to be all about stunning views and fancy accents. Sometimes the most romantic breaks are just low-key and fuss-free destinations. This way, your time is spent purely enjoying the company of your loved one. 

Romantic breaks don’t have to come at a cost and they can certainly be more unique than you initially may have imagined.

1. Rent a romantic cabin

I want to remind you of the film The Holiday. If you haven’t seen it (if not, why not?), it’s essentially a love story between two couples. One couple just so happens to be Jude Law and Cameron Diaz cuddled up by the fire in a cottage in the Cotswolds. All I’m saying is; this sounds pretty romantic to me. Consider staying in a kitsch yurt, cabin or even go glamping if you prefer. You can rent a cabin for two or more with websites like Forest Holidays. Hidden away in a calming forest of your choice, you can go on long romantic walks and then snuggle up by the fire as the chilly evenings draw in.

2. See the Northern Lights

If you’re an outdoorsy couple, there’s nothing quite like an expedition into the wilderness for two! Northern Lights trips to the Arctic Circle can be surprisingly romantic. The natural beauty of the aurora borealis is quite mesmerising and brings out that soft, gooey side hidden within you. You can spend a playful day being transported by dog-sleds or hiking within the beautiful scenery. Then you’ll tumble into a cosy pub to warm the old cockles after. There are plenty of places to choose from to see the lights: Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Norway and Sweden. Go for wherever you like the sound of best. Just ensure that the accommodation is cosy enough and you have an easily accessible view of the relentlessly romantic stars.

3. Visit Prague

Although Prague is renowned for its intricate architecture, sometimes its romantic prowess is a little overlooked. ‘The Fairytale City’ is certainly an apt description for the capital of the Czech Republic. It is renowned for the quaint Old Town Square, gothic architecture and staggeringly beautiful medieval Astronomical Clock. You can rent push-bikes in the daytime and cycle all the way up to the Disney-esque castle. Then on your way back down you can sample the local specialities in one of the hidden restaurants tucked in the hillside. To finish off a wonderful day, warm up under soft blankets with a drink in the Old Town Square (most restaurants provide these). You will fall in love all over again.

The great thing about these breaks is that they are all idyllic destinations year-round. But if you are a sun-worshipper – or perhaps a honeymoon is on the cards – be inspired by these faraway shores for your future breaks in warmer climes

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