Nothing Toulouse: Why You Should Visit France For Your Next Holiday

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Vive la France! Whether you prefer city mini breaks or long weekends by the beach, France will cater to all of your fancies. Here’s why you should embrace the tricolor and head to one of the most beautiful countries that Europe has to offer.

Urban or Rural

France is about much more than Paris alone. Your first decision will have to involve deciding which area of France you plan on visiting. From the busy streets of Nice to the Dordogne countryside, France has a lot to offer. Do a little research before deciding on your destination.


French cuisine is world famous. The French created the five-station set up of kitchens, with specialist chefs for each area of cooking. The garde manger prepares cold dishes, while the rotisseur takes care of roasts and grilled or fried dishes. A saucier prepares sauces and soups and the patissier creates beautiful pastries and desserts. With so much work going into the creation of one meal, it’s not surprising that the quality of the food is so great. Classic dishes to try are ratatouille, filet mignon, coquilles Saint-Jacques, Moules Marinière, Soupe à L’oignon and souffle. If you’re feeling brave you can try out escargots (snails) or cuisses de grenouille (frogs legs) and never leave France without trying the best creme brûlée you’ll ever taste.


France has a rich history of art. The Louvre attracts the most attention and for good reason. Not only is it the world’s largest museum, but it also holds one of the world’s most famous portraits: The Mona Lisa. The building is a monument in and of itself. However, there are other beautiful art museums a plenty. For example, the Paris Museum of Modern Art, Metiers Art Museum and The Centre Pompidou. 


French architecture is some of the greatest in the world. Just look at the Eiffel Tower. The fifty foot high tower draws tourists from almost every nation. You can take a lift to the top and take in the sights of Paris. At night it is lit up in all its glory. Other monuments to see include the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Palais de Louvre, the Pantheon, Opera Garnier, Sacre Couer and Centre Pompidou.


Got little ones? Or perhaps you’re a big kid and avid Disney fan yourself. Either way, EuroDisney in Paris is one of Europe’s biggest attractions. The park has a host of attractions, including rides, shows, mazes and restaurants. Fireworks displays dazzle and parades bring a smile to even the most stern of faces. Take note that food, drinks and souvenirs inside the park are relatively expensive. If you are only visiting on a day pass, it might be a good idea to eat outside of the park before and after your visit.

Useful French Phrases

The national language of France is, unsurprisingly, French. So English speakers will find it useful to learn a few basic phrases before they go. Here are a few to try out.

“Bonjour” - hello
“Salut” - hi
“Bonsoir” - good evening
“Bon nuit” - good night
“Au revoir” - goodbye
“Bienvenue” - welcome
“Oui” - yes
“Non” - no
“Ca va?” - how are you
“Bien” - good
“Sil vous plait” - please
“Merci” - thank you
“You’re welcome” - je vous en prie
“Je suis desolee” - I’m sorry
“Pardon” - excuse me
“Ou sont des toilettes?” - where are the toilets?

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