Keeping Your Face Summer Fresh - Even in The Harsh Winter Months

Thursday, September 29, 2016

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about altering our beauty regime. There are several problems that the winter weather can cause such as dry skin, redness, and chapped lips. Luckily, there is some stuff that we can do to prevent the cold playing havoc with our skin.

Use the right foundation

Using the right foundation is essential in the winter. The contrast of temperature between indoors and outdoors and the poor weather can make it impossible to keep your makeup in place. However, the right foundation can help you with this. Remember is is the base on which all your other makeup is built on. If you aren't sure which foundation to spend your hard earned money on, check out sites like These compare different brands so you can pick the one that will work best for you. ​

Use concealer or camouflage

A lot of people can suffer from redness in the winter caused by cold temperatures and hot central heating. The problem is that a good foundation will only go so far in correcting this. It might be a better bet to get a concealing or correcting product. 

There are a lot of green creams and pencils out there; that are meant to deal with redness. However, if you apply too much, you can end up with a gray- green Herman Munster type complexation which isn't too pretty. Instead use a high pigmented camouflage makeup, which will block the redness showing through.


Moisturizing is as essential in the winter as it is in the summer time. Skin can easily become dried out and tight because of the wind, rain or moving from hot environments like the office to outside in the snow and ice.

Those wishing to keep their skin radiant should moisturize twice a day. Once should be before you apply your makeup in the morning. This produces a smooth base, on which your foundation will blend in easily. It also provides a protective layer, so you pores do not soak up too much make-up.

Then, of course, you should be moisturizing at night. Living somewhere that has pretty extreme weather conditions can have a real effect on your skin. As can working outside all day. If these situations apply to you, then try a heavier night cream. This will be more nourishing and will help you face retire its natural bounce. Applying at night before bed will allow it a full 8 hours to get to work and support your skin thoroughly.

Take that makeup off

It's an age-old piece of advice, but it bears repeating. Taking your makeup off in is essential in keeping you face fresh and clean. Sleeping in your makeup will promote blocked pores and spots. Not to mention making you look like you cried yourself to sleep, even when you have not!

Use the new micellar formulas can make taking your makeup off easy. Read about how they work here at

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