The Best Ways To Promote Your Band

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Have you always dreamed about being a famous musician, or part of a well known band? If you have a love of music and a talent for singing or an instrument you’re on the right track, but getting yourself out there and being heard can be a challenge. If you’ve started a band but are in the early stages, here are a few tips for promotion.

Use Social Media

The quickest, fastest and cheapest way to promote anything- social media is your best friend here. You can network, speak to fans, share teasers of your music and information about your band. Get people interested and talking, shares and retweets will help to spread the message and get your name heard. Help out fellow musicians by sharing their stuff, and maybe they’ll do the same in return.

Have CDs Made Up

Have a number of CDs made up, you can hand them out to fans or use them when you’re networking at events. You could give someone the link to your music online, but a physical CD is even better. They could pop it on in the car on their way home and really get into your music, they could pass it along to a friend who also might like it. It’s a great way to gain fans and get your music heard. Companies like Nationwide Disc offer this service, you can have a your CD printed out in bulk and put into cases. Ready to go for your next event or gig.

Offer Free or Low Price Downloads

One great part of being a musician is making money from something that you love. But in the early days when you’re still getting your name out there, offering free or very cheap downloads allows lots of people to become familiar with you. Once you’re more well known people are likely to go on and buy your future stuff. You could even consider offering your music royalty free, people are much more likely to share it around and use it on things like Youtube videos. That might be all that’s needed for people to say ‘who are this band?’ and go and look for your other music.

Play Lots Of Shows

Again, as with offering free or very cheap music- doing the same with shows allows you to get your stuff heard. It’s good practice performing live, and is good for promotion. Enquire at as many places as possible and find out if the venue will let you perform a set. Then once you’re more established you can think about charging for shows. By then, the performance side will all be second nature.

Set Up A Website

A website should be the main point of advertisement for your band, and brings together all of the points above. You can use it to add your social media links to, as well as have the option to buy downloads or CDs. Make sure you have clear contact details, your location and booking information. It makes your band look much more professional, and if anyone does want to book you all of the information is there for how to go about it. You could list the venues of the places you’re due to play too so that fans are able to go and watch you.

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