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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New York City, is a wonderful place to visit. It’s got the sites, the shows, the shopping and everything else you could ever ask for. It might be the only place where you can buy pizza loaded with pasta pieces. It’s home to the brilliant, breathtaking Broadway show Hamilton. Do you know what else it’s home too? Countless celebs. If you’re going celebrity spotting, NYC is the top place in the world to see them wandering around in their natural habitat. It’s true; this is because it’s not just average people who are attracted to this city. However, there are also quite a few celebrities who have bought real estate in Manhattan. Here are some of the famous faces you might spot around this town.

Kelsey Grammer

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that Kelsey Grammer AKA Dr. Frasier Crane lives in Seattle. Of course, he doesn’t. He lives right here in Brooklyn. Mr. Grammer has recently moved from a gorgeous home worth over nine million. A stunning property with views that overlook the entire city. Grammer still resides somewhere in the city, and he is often spotted around the town. Though, it seems nobody's quite sure where his new home is.

Natalie Portman
Another celeb who lives in the city that never sleeps is Natalie Portman. She is known most recently for the Thor films. After refusing to appear again as the leading lady, Miss Portman will be able to spend less time traveling to England where it’s filmed. Instead, she can spend more time with her daughter at her gorgeous home in NYC. Not one for the spotlight off the stage, you’ll be lucky if you catch a glimpse of this actress wandering around town.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise has a number of homes across the world. He is rumored to have a mansion somewhere outside London. He has recently sold a Beverly Hills mansion worth 140 million. He has also got two properties in New York. Some people just have it all, don’t they? If you’re feeling a tad jealous, don’t be. Cruise has sold almost every one of these properties, and the other is on the market right now. Perhaps like Mr. Depp he has moved up in the world and decided to buy an entire island instead. Just Richest has got some more fun facts about cruise you might find interesting. 

Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris is one of the few celebs who resides in NYC. Is it any wonder he has hosted the Tony Awards so many times? He’s only a few blocks away from where it is filmed. Harris shares his gorgeous penthouse with his partner and their children. It is a stunning little haven in the city and unlike some of the other examples on this list, far from Extravagant. While undoubtedly a wonderful piece of real estate Harris does not flaunt his celeb lifestyle.

Cameron Diaz

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Finally, Cameron Diaz owns a beautiful little suite in Greenwich Village. If you happen to get a glimpse of it online, don’t be fooled by the size. The bed that is in it alone cost 140 thousand. That’s right; her bed probably rivals the cost of your home.

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