Life Hack : How Safe Is Your Food?

Friday, August 12, 2016

We all know just how important a healthy diet is. But are you also aware that you should be watching the cleanliness of your food and cooking as well? Hygienic kitchens and safe food are important to prevent food poisoning and spreading bacteria. Worried your food might not be cutting it in the cleanliness scales? Here are some ways you can improve your overall food hygiene at home.

Store Meats Correctly

You should always store uncooked meats in the fridge. If it doesn’t come in a sealed bag or package, place it into a sealable Tupperware container. This will prevent the bacteria spreading to other food in the fridge. It is super important to store cooked and raw meat separately. But as they both need to be kept in the fridge, you need to know how to store them together safely. Make sure your cooked meat is on a shelf above the raw meat. Otherwise, if it were the other way round, the juices from the raw meat could drip on the cooked meat. This would put you at risk of food poisoning.

Tap Water

Tap water is perfectly safe to drink. However, some people prefer to filter it before they drink it. That’s because there are many invisible minerals and chemicals in the water that our eyes can’t see. Many of these are beneficial, but some can be carcinogenic, like chloramines and ammonia. Unfortunately, these chemicals are necessary for tap water. That’s because they prevent water-borne diseases from spreading. You don’t have to drink them, though, and can easily filter them out with a water filter. Interested in buying one? You can read a review of the Berkey water filter at this link.

Don’t Wash Raw Chicken

For years, it was often thought that we should wash raw chicken before we cook it. However, it has recently been discovered that this isn’t the safest way to prepare the meat. In fact, it could create a major health risk for us. That’s because it increases our chances of catching food poisoning from the bacteria campylobacter. The water will splash off the chicken onto surrounding work surfaces. This is how the bacteria spreads. So don’t bother washing or trying to clean the uncooked meat. Simply cook it straight from the fridge.

The Five-Second Rule Is Just A Myth

We all know the five-second rule. If you drop some food on the floor, you have five seconds to pick it up before bacteria spreads to it. Many people who believe that a little dirt is good for you to follow this rule. However, the five-second rule is a complete myth. The truth is that bacteria doesn’t wait a few seconds before swarming across a fallen morsel. So to make sure you are always safe from bacteria, just throw away any food that falls onto the floor.

Now that you know all the above points, you will be able to safely prepare healthy food in a hygienic way in your own kitchen! And you won’t have to worry about falling ill!

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