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Friday, August 12, 2016

Back to school/ university time is approaching, and the shops are packed with thousands of items deemed to be ‘essential’ in your studies. And while it’s tempting to stock up on colourful, novelty pens and more notepads than you could ever get through in ten years- the fact is, you don’t really need most of this stuff. So what do you need when you’re heading to university? Here are a few essentials not to be missed.

A Large Calendar

Having a large calendar up on your wall is essential for success as a student. You can circle important dates such as when coursework is due and when exams are, so you’re able to clearly see when everything is. While you can note these things down in a diary or on your phone, it’s just not as effective as having them right there in large size on the wall. It means you’re never caught short forgetting deadlines, and know exactly when you need to start planning for and revising for exams. You can make your own custom calendar at

A Reliable Laptop or Computer

Unless you plan on spending many late nights in the university library on the computers, you’ll need access to your own reliable computer. Something that is quick, efficient and not prone to overheating. This will be your workhorse while you’re at university, and you’ll be spending an awful lot of time on it. If you’re taking your current laptop or computer to university rather than buying a new one, go through and clear out everything that you no longer need so it’s running at its best.

A Printer and Paper

Again, unless you want to mess around with printers at your university library (most of which will have enormous queues, especially on days when coursework is due) then do yourself a favour and just buy your own. They’re not too expensive, and will save you so much hassle in the long run. Don’t forget printer paper, you get through reams of the stuff when you’re in uni so stock up.

A Desk and Supportive Chair

If you’ve managed to get through your school life by typing up your coursework while sat on the sofa with your laptop, now is the time to make a change! Not only is it bad for your back and posture, but you’re less productive and more prone to distractions. Get a desk, even a cheap one will do but a good supportive chair is a worthwhile investment. When you have work to do, you have a designated space to go and sit. Then you can get into ‘coursework mode’ and get on with it.


You really don’t need to go all out with fancy stationery while you’re at university, you just don’t need it. A bumper pack of cheap biros will do the trick (you’ll get through lots of them) some pencils, a ruler and an eraser will do just fine. A desk organizer to keep it all tidy on your work surface is a good idea and will give you easy access to everything.

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