How To Decorate A Nursery For Your Little One's Arrival

Thursday, August 25, 2016

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There are so many exciting things to plan when you find out that you have a little bundle of joy on the way. Which pram to buy. Shopping for maternity wear. Choosing babygrows. Researching the best car seats available. But many people forget how much their home will change with a little one around until they get fairly close to their due date. A baby might sleep in a Moses basket or cradle in your room until about six months. But you’ll need space for everyday tasks like changing nappies and breastfeeding and it’s nice to have a space separate from your room to do this. And besides, it’s better to fix the baby’s bedroom sooner rather than later. Chances are you’ll be a lot busier once your ray of sunshine is crawling about and then might not be the best time for painting and building flat pack furniture. This is why we suggest deciding on the interior decoration of your nursery during the earlier stages of pregnancy.

So, what do we recommend when it comes to building your newborn’s perfect space?

Wall Colours

Getting started on your Million Dollar Makeovers will be an exciting time and an extremely gratifying experience. A good place to start with an empty room will be the walls. So what colors should you consider? If you know the sex of your child then maybe you will want to go with a traditional baby pink or baby blue. Subtle differences in the shades may not seem important, but they will bring a different atmosphere to the room, so choose wisely. We’re big fans of very pale powder pink for your little princess or cornflower blue for your little prince. If you don’t know the baby’s sex or fancy opting for more gender neutral tones, there are numerous colors to choose from. We particularly like candyfloss white, maize yellow and cocoa brown. If you can’t put your finger on one particular color, why not go with white walls with bright accessories.


Consider the furniture you want in your baby’s room before making spur of the moment purchases. Think realistically about how much space you have to work with. A cramped nursery will create negative vibes for you and your newborn. An essential part of the furniture will be a cot, so prioritize this. It will be your baby’s bed from six months to perhaps two years old, so make sure it’s soft and comfortable. Your newborn probably won’t move around much but by six months they’ll be fairly active, so ensure to get a cot with sturdy, high bars. Extras in the room could be a wardrobe for his or her baby grows and clothes. Tiny socks will take up a fair amount of space in high numbers. You might also want to place a changing table in the room. Cute changing mats with pillows to support your baby’s head during changing are available and extremely convenient.

These are the main areas to focus on, but once they’re complete there are plenty more things to enjoy bringing together. If your son or daughter is a little older, take a read of our children’s room interior design guide.

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