Design Focus On Visitors: How To Create A Gorgeous Guest Room

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Do you often entertain out of town guests on weekends, or perhaps your parents or siblings on overnight stays? Then why not create a gorgeous guest bedroom in your house that rivals any chic boutique hotel. Nowhere is it more important than the bedroom to create a warm and welcoming space for your guests; a real home-away-from-home. Plus, you’ll be envied as the best hostess in the city. Below are some pointers to start you on your way to designing a gorgeous guest room.

The Basics

Think about some of your favorite boutique hotels and take inspiration from how they have designed their bedrooms. There are no rules on color for the guest bedroom. But if you want to create a tranquil space that will make everyone feel relaxed, neutrals or greys are your best option. Make sure you have a super plush mattress on the bed, so your guests are guaranteed a peaceful slumber. King size mattresses from John Ryan by Design make a good starting point. Invest in bedside cabinets with lots of drawer space so your visitors can put their books, glasses and magazines away. Invest in two different types of lighting. Give them ceiling lights with a dimmer switch so they can control the level of lighting. They may want a bright light to get ready for the evening, but a warmer glow as they are winding down. Bedside lights are crucial in a guest bedroom too. Choose sculptural designs that make a feature of the room. If you are doing a whole redesign also think about the flooring you want to lay. If you want something airy and chic, choose French Oak for the floor. But if you want something plush that your guests can sink their feet into, consider a shag-pile or silk carpet. Don’t forget wardrobe space too. Make sure there is enough room to fit weekend bags and clothes. Leave fabric covered hangers and fluffy towels in there for your guests to use.

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The Finishing Touches

Invest in the best quality bedding that your budget allows. Choose high-thread count crisp white bottom sheets and pillowcases. Add a super-luxe color for your comforter or duvet. Also, add textured knits incase they feel the chill. If space permits, put in an oversized freestanding mirror with a beautiful frame. If your guest room is large, you could consider wallpapering a feature wall with bold stripes or an exotic flower motif. Designers Guild has some beautiful wallpaper choices to scroll through. Make sure you scent the room before your guests arrive with an exotic holiday scent. The White Company Seychelles candle collection is totally tropical. It features a blend of fresh bergamot and orange, combined with tropical coconut and soothing amber. Smells just like vacation time. Don’t underestimate the power of fresh cut flowers either. Fill a beautiful tall glass vase with an array of colorful blooms for that perfectly polished guest bedroom. Make the room indulgent and decadent, so your visitors will want to return time after time.

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